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Toxic masculinity: A valid concept?

On the dangers of pathologizing manhood      The two fundamental objectives in the evolutionary game of life are to first survive (natural selection) and then to mate (sexual selection). For sexually reproducing species including humans, evolution has endowed males and females with universal mating preferences that map onto sex-specific recurring challenges faced by each sex […]

44 Percent of DACA Illegal Aliens Worked Without Valid Social Security Numbers

Almost half of illegal aliens shielded from deportation under an Obama-created temporary amnesty program have previously worked in the United States despite not holding valid Social Security numbers authorizing them to work. A study by the University of California, San Diego, reveals that nearly 44 percent of the almost 800,000 illegal aliens who have been […]

Is The Law of Attraction Scientifically Valid?

August 8th, 2017 By Kaia Roman Guest writer for Wake Up World The word “manifestation” triggers different responses for different people. For some, it’s a “woo woo” concept based in fantasy. For others, it’s a belief that drives a way of living. I was introduced to the concept of manifestation as a child, told by my […]

Is Vigorous Public Masturbation a Valid Form of Political Protest?

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 13, 2017 I hate Portland as much as anyone. However, I would be very hesitant to express that hatred through an act of public masturbation. Oregon Live: A man was indicted Thursday for “masturbating vigorously” outside of New Avenues for Youth in downtown Portland on May 3. Court […]

Kiev to bar Russian journalists who visited Crimea from Eurovision despite valid accreditation

Ukrainian MP Anton Gerashchenko, who is also an aide to the country’s interior minister, wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday that Russian journalists that “had breached the Ukrainian state border” would not be allowed into the country to cover the song competition, which kicks off on Sunday. Russia won’t participate in Eurovision 2017, European […]

On ‘NYT’ stage, Roger Waters calls BDS ‘valid and legitimate picket line’

This is very good. Last week Roger Waters was invited to speak at the New York Times on the occasion of his new tour/album, and after an hour of musical discussion, a man in the audience asked Waters about his endorsement of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) aimed at Israel– what is your end goal?– […]

IRGC Quds Force commander in Syria to help Aleppo operations

TEHRAN (FNA)- Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force Commander Major General Qassem Soleimani is in Syria in preparation for a large-scale operation by the Syrian army and popular forces in Southern Aleppo, a resistance movement announced on Monday. According to the media center of Hezbollah al-Nujaba, a major Iraqi Shia resistance movement fighting against […]

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