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Venice Rolls Out Day-Tripper Fee Amid Overtourism Fears

ROME (AP) — Venice authorities on Thursday unveiled a pilot program to charge day-trippers 5 euros ($5.45) apiece to enter the fragile lagoon city on peak weekends next year in an effort to reduce crowds, encourage longer visits and improve the quality of life for residents. The rollout of the tourist “contribution” program came after […]

Bus Crash Near Venice, Italy, Kills At Least 21 People, Including Ukrainian Tourists

Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro wrote on social media that the scene of the crash was “apocalyptic.” Source

Venice To Start Charging Visitors Entry Fee

Officials will trial charging day trippers on certain days in a bid to manage the flow of tourists drawn to the Italian lagoon city. Source

Architecture of the Floating (Or Sinking) City: How Was Venice Built?

The romantic city of Venice is known by many names, including the floating city, the city of canals and even the Queen of the Adriatic. This city of water was built on dozens of tiny islands located in the Venetian Lagoon, a wetland bay of the Adriatic Sea, interconnected by bridges and canals. If you’re […]

Venice film festival holds a “Ukraine day”

Even if just for a day, the world’s oldest film festival in Venice took a pause from the showbiz glitz and glamour, holding a day in honour of Ukraine. It was in support of artists from the war-torn country and to increase awareness of the plight of the Ukrainian people. Several actors had already shown […]

Transgender Movies Take the Spotlight at Venice Film Festival: ‘A Child Who Feels She Is a Boy’

This year’s Venice Film Festival in Italy, which kicks off Wednesday, features two movies in the official competition that have transgender protagonists — including a 12-year-old girl who believes she is a boy.

Hillary Clinton Mocked over Venice Film Festival Attire: ‘Lock Her Up for This Outfit Alone’

Former First Lady and twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was roasted on social media over the attire she was seen wearing on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival. “Lock her up for this outfit alone,” one Twitter user proclaimed. Clinton attended the world premiere of White Noise on Wednesday at the 79th Venice International […]

The Doges of Venice: Venetian Rulers for More than a Millennium

The Doge of Venice was the highest office in the Republic of Venice. This office existed for about a millennium, from the 8th century AD till the 18th century. The title of this office traces its origin back to the time when Venice was nominally subjected to the Byzantine Empire. Subsequently, when Venice became a […]

Italian government bans large cruise ships from entering Venice lagoon

Image Credit: Alexander Spatari/Getty Images The Italian government announced that large cruise ships will be banned from entering the Venice lagoon. Vessels weighing more than 25,000 metric tons or longer than 180 meters (590 feet) will be affected by the ban. In an attempt to keep Venice on UNESCO’s world heritage list, Italy’s cabinet of […]

Submerged Settlements On Roman Road Discovered In Venice Lagoon

An underwater sonar mapping project by archaeologists in Italy has determined that the bottom of the Venetian Lagoon was once dry land. The team of researchers have confirmed that an ancient Roman road and settlement once thrived in the area some 500 years before Venice was founded in the 5th century. In the 1980s, surveys […]

Submerged Settlements And Roman Road Discovered Under Venice Waters

An underwater sonar mapping project by archaeologists in Italy has determined that the bottom of the Venetian Lagoon was once dry land. The team of researchers have confirmed that an ancient Roman road and settlement once thrived in the area some 500 years before Venice was founded in the 5th century. In the 1980s, surveys […]


Unknown commented –  HOW WE CHOOSE FRIENDS AND LOVERS  New York photographer Diana Mara Henry covered the future Lady de Rothschid’s second wedding in 1983 – to the prominent New York politician Andrew Stein.  This was to be Lynn Forester’s first Jewish wedding. (Her second would take place 17 years later, ten months prior to […]

A Greek Pianist to Revitalize Venice’s Cultural Life

Alexandros Kapelis performing in Venice, Italy. Credit: interclassique Music Production Alexandros Kapelis is a Greek-Peruvian pianist who is set to revitalize Venice’s cultural scene. Venice is a center for some of the world’s most prestigious international events across disciplines– it is currently preparing to host the Venice Biennale and the Salone Nautico as the G-20 […]

The Black Nobility Out of Venice Has Metamorphosed Into the British Empire With Rockefeller & Rothschild Financiers

September 29, 2014Leave a comment THE TRUE POWER BEHIND BOTH THE ROCKEFELLER AND ROTHSCHILD FAMILIES By: The Unhived Mind – 30th September 2014 Yeah even researcher like Daniel Estulin admit the likes of Rockefeller are way down the totem pole. He mentions House of Braganza as being one of the richest. These are the people […]


It was a cold end of December night; I was hungry, and the sun had set by the time the train brought me to Venice. As usual I had no accomodation reserved and all the hotels between the station and the Rialto seemed to be ‘completo’ full up. The streets were crowded with noisy tourists […]


Above, we see ‘Gustav Mahler with his friend Thomas Mann’. Thomas Mann set out to write a short novel about “passion – as confusion and degradation“. The result was Death in Venice, a book which raises age old questions about the difference between love and lust, about forbidden love and about what is normal. Gustav and […]

Venice Beach man removes antisemitic graffiti, cleans up streets

Venice Beach resident Daniel Khalili has been removing antisemitic graffiti appearing near Abbott Kinney this week.  Khalili posted a video to Instagram this week in which he can be seen spray-painting over graffiti, applied with a stencil, that reads “the Jew is guilty.”  “It was in a stencil, so obviously someone had done this beforehand,” […]

James Salt’s Dream-Like Paintings of Venice

James Salt was a British painter born in 1850, who spent most of his career painting various fantasy scenes around Venice, imbuing them with a rather dream-like quality. This kind of painting is known as a capriccio, which combines real world scenes with imagined elements.

New Shakespeare Anthology For Children Omits ‘Merchant Of Venice’ For Fear Of ‘Offending’ the Tribe

    Renowned children’s author and playwright Sir Michael Morpurgo will omit The Merchant of Venice from the children’s book based on Shakespeare’s plays he is working on because he doesn’t want to “offend” Jews: Sir Michael, 77, is modernising Shakespeare plays for children and teenagers in a book titled Tales from Shakespeare, designed to […]

Author omits ‘Merchant of Venice’ from anthology, citing antisemitism

A popular British children’s author omitted “The Merchant of Venice” from his adaptation of William Shakespeare plays for young audiences. One reason: antisemitism. “Yes, there was some worry that this might be the first time an 8-year-old reads about a Jew,” Michael Morpurgo told The Guardian on Monday about the decision not to include the […]

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