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The Pokemon Pied Piper zombie apocalypse has begun: Hoards of mindless, obedient sheeple now stampede anywhere the puppet masters plant fictitious monsters

(NaturalNews) By now, you’ve probably heard of Pokemon Go, the new “hybrid reality” mobile app game that overlays real world geographic locations with virtual monsters that are collected for points. What you may not yet know is that the game was actually developed by a CIA-funded software front group for the purpose of […]

Firms say Congress blocking Iran plans

In the wake of the recent anti-Iran bills adopted by the US Congress, global corporate leaders are already complaining that American lawmakers are undermining their plans to approach the vast Iranian market.  The Wall Street Journal in a report has quoted business leaders as saying that the Congress “is wedging itself into [Iran’s] the post-nuclear […]

Only 50% of registered organ donors donate – White House calls for change

     Comment: Keep in mind that Israel is the organ harvesting and human trafficking global ringleader, with complicit help from US and Turkey About 120,000 people in the US are on the organ transplant waiting list and a new person is added every 10 minutes, while 22 die waiting each day, but his might radically […]

Scientists Claim ‘Universal Cancer Vaccine’ Breakthrough

Scientists claim they have taken a “very positive step” towards creating a universal vaccine against cancer. Experts say that the vaccine makes the body’s immune system attack tumours as if they were a virus. Commenting on the new research which was published in Nature, cancer experts Professor Jolanda de Vries and Professor Carl Figdor, from Radboud […]

The Term “War Crime “ Is Obsolete

Print Friendly Above Photo: Tough not to call it a war crime when the U.S. dropped more bombs during the Vietnam War than it had on Germany during World War II. (Photo: Public Domain) If war crimes are defined as military actions that, intentionally or not, harm great numbers of civilians, then either all wars today […]

Terrorists planning May 9 V-Day attacks detained in Moscow – FSB

Over 50 detained, possible explosive found in illegal prayer hall in southern Russia “We have found a large quantity of weapons, explosives and other terrorist equipment,” the Federal Security Service, known by the abbreviation FSB, said in a statement. The security agency said that the citizens of the former Soviet republics were based in Moscow […]

Prison Debate Team Who Beat Harvard, Wins Again, This Time Against West Point Military Academy

The Bard Prison Initiative debate team who famously defeated Harvard College students last October put another notch in their belt. This time, in poetic fashion, the prison inmates bested students at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Members of the Bard team, all inmates at a maximum security prison, are enrolled in […]

Yellowstone Volcano: "Whole lot a shakin’ goin’ on"

     Less than 48 hours after public display of volcanic activity at Yellowstone was intentionally taken OFFLINE from public view, we now know why: Looks like “there’s a whole lot a shakin’ goin’ on!” Take a look at this reading from Bore Hole 944 inside the super-volcano at Yellowstone National Park:      Folks within 500 […]

California Veto Enables Police For Warrantless Cellphone Searches

  Information LiberationOctober 11, 2011 California Gov. Jerry Brown is vetoing legislation requiring police to obtain a court warrant to search the mobile phones of suspects at the time of any arrest. The Sunday veto means that when police arrest anybody in the Golden State, they may search that person’s mobile phone — which in […]

Russia and China veto UN resolution against Syrian regime

  Guardian October 5, 2011 Russia and China have vetoed a European-backed UN security council resolution that threatened sanctions against the Syrian regime if it did not immediately halt its military crackdown against civilians. The resolution would have been the first such legally binding move adopted by the security council since President Bashar Assad’s military began using tanks […]

Russia & China veto UN resolution on sanctions against Syria

RT October 5, 2011 Russia and China have vetoed a UN Security Council resolution on Syria. The European-backed draft called on Damascus to end its crackdown on protesters, or face “targeted measures”. But Moscow and Beijing said this could open the door to a Libya-style military intervention. RT’s Marina Portnaya has the latest from New […]

Obama Veto on Palestine Signals End of US Influence, Opens Door to Russian Expansionism

Now the role Israel has taken on has gone much further, no longer satisfied with “disease related marketing,” Israel has been able to orchestrate itself into a virtual stranglehold on American politics, total control of the GOP, the creation of an extremist branch, the “Tea Party” by its Koch Brothers organization and now the ability […]

Lobbyists push to veto Palestinian statehood

“When we come back here next year, we can have an agreement that will lead to a new member of the United Nations — an independent sovereign state of Palestine, living in peace with Israel.” ­Those are the words that President Barack Obama told world leaders on the floor of the United Nations General Assembly […]

Moral Bankruptcy: will U.S. veto Palestine?

Jim MilesGlobal Research Sept 20, 2011 This week at the UN – if the U.S. push to disable the process does not succeed – a vote will be taken on Palestinian statehood. The U.S. has already stated that it will veto any vote that supports Palestinian statehood. So why take the vote if that is […]

Obama Vows Veto if Deficit Plan Has No Tax Increases

HELENE COOPERNY Times sept 19, 2011 WASHINGTON — President Obama called on Monday for Congress to adopt his “balanced” plan combining entitlement cuts, tax increases and war savings to reduce the federal deficit by more than $3 trillion over the next 10 years, and said he would veto any approach that relied solely on spending reductions […]

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