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Environmentalism Is Baal Worship, Says Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian

On Monday, the Christian nationalist organization Christians Engaged broadcast a panel from the organization’s 2022 conference in which several elected officials discussed how their Christian faith shapes their work in office. Among the participants was Wayne Christian, who serves as Texas Railroad Commissioner. Despite its name, the Railroad Commission of Texas does not actually oversee […]

ACH (1869) Michael Gaddy And Daryl Wayne – Addicted To Our Own Destruction #1 – Do The First And Second Amendments Actually Exist?

In today’s show originally broadcast on August 5 2022, Andy presents the ACH inaugural episode of “Addicted To Our Own Destruction” with his co-hosts Michael Gaddy and Daryl Wayne for a show entitled, “Do The First And Second Amendments Actually Exist?” We discussed: why the Bill Of Rights is not protected from the interference of […]

ACH (1841) Mike Gaddy And Daryl Wayne – How The Media Secretly Carries Out Assignments For CIA

In today’s show originally broadcast on July 8 2022, Andy is joined by Mike Gaddy and Daryl Wayne for a show entitled, “How The Media Secretly Carries Out Assignments For CIA.” We discussed: Operation Mockingbird and its influence today; how governmental control of the media goes all the way back to 1798; how the news […]

ACH (1807) Mike Gaddy And Daryl Wayne – Dare To Think Out Loud

In today’s show originally broadcast on June 3 2022, Andy is joined by Mike Gaddy and Daryl Wayne for a show entitled, “Dare To Think Out Loud.” We discussed: Mike’s experiences with the U.S. Government and his work in highlighting the plight of American Prisoners Of War; America’s long history of abandoning their Prisoners Of […]

Exclusive – Veteran Entrepreneur Colin Wayne Says Biden’s Economy Taking Toll on Small Business: ‘It’s Worse than I’ve Ever Seen It’

Colin Wayne — a veteran, entrepreneur, and founder of Redline Steel, described by host Alex Marlow as a “made-in-America success story” — spoke to Breitbart News Daily about his background and beliefs, and his struggles as a small business owner in President Biden’s America, stressing the importance of the “silent majority” speaking out.

North Carolina Man Identified as Victim of John Wayne Gacy

CHICAGO—A North Carolina man who moved to Chicago was one of the victims of John Wayne Gacy, who was convicted of killing 33 young men and boys in the 1970s, authorities said Monday. Francis Wayne Alexander would have been 21 or 22 years old when Gacy killed him sometime between early 1976 and early 1977, […]

Dr. Rabbi Wayne Allen: Thinking about Good and Evil

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Twitter bans blogger Jim Hoft, conservative radio host Wayne Allyn Root

Twitter has permanently suspended the accounts of Jim Hoft, the founder and editor-in-chief of the right-wing blog Gateway Pundit, and conservative radio host Wayne Allyn Root. A spokesperson for the social media giant told The Post in a statement Monday that both Hoft and Root’s accounts were permanently barred “for repeated violations of our civic […]

Republicans in Wayne County Caved In, Certified Results After Being Called “Racist” by Pro-Antifa Poll Watcher

Leftists responded to a Twitter thread asking “how do you deprogram 75 million people?” by suggesting Trump supporters should be interned in “re-education camps” and that all conservative talk radio should be banned. “No seriously…how *do* you deprogram 75 million people? Where do you start? Fox? Facebook?” asked David Atkins (pronouns in bio), a regional […]

Wayne County Reverses Decision, Certifies Disputed Election Results as Video Goes Dark

Wayne County, Michigan, canvassers reversed course late Tuesday night and voted to certify the results from the November 3 election, which have been disputed. The Board of Canvassers had originally voted 2-2 along party lines. The tie meant the election results were not certified. But later into the night, the Republican canvassers flipped and voted […]

‘Seinfeld’ Star Wayne Knight Reprises ‘Newman’ Character to Mock Trump in Pro-Vote by Mail PSA

Seinfeld actor Wayne Knight reprised his role as mailman Newman for a pro-vote by mail, get out the vote PSA that was not sponsored by the U.S. Post Office but by a liberal group tied to Barack Obama called PACRONYM. In his inimitably conspiratorial Newman style, Knight mocks President Trump and his “so-called Postmaster General” […]

COMMENTARY: Did Marlene Dietrich Plot To Murder Hitler? She Seduced John Wayne, James Stewart And JFK But The German Siren Had Grander Designs On History

Seductress: Marlene Dietrich planned to use her wiles to entrap Hitler and bring an end to the war  Marlene Dietrich, then the world’s highest-paid film star, was the epitome of husky-voiced sexual allure. At the height of her fame, she seduced many of Hollywood’s best-known actors, including John Wayne and James Stewart. But on that […]

Fort Wayne Police Department Deputy Chief Involved in Fight With Minor

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – A complaint involving Fort Wayne Police Department Deputy Chief Derrick Westfield is now being reviewed by the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office. FWPD said internal affairs is also reviewing the case. In a police report obtained by NewsChannel 15, what started as an apparent road rage incident ended in a fight on […]

Louisiana Police Chief Wayne Welsh Resigns After Posting Racist Meme on Facebook

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Exxon May Have Erased 7 Years of Tillerson’s ‘Wayne Tracker’ Emails

Up to seven years of emails that former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson wrote under the alias “Wayne Tracker” may have been erased, a company witness has told investigators for the New York attorney general. The gap is far longer than the three months Exxon initially reported. The disclosure came from Connie Feinstein, Exxon’s information technology security and consulting manager, […]

Sea lions, beluga whales and Tasmanian Devils suffering from rare cancers likely caused by industrial pollutants, say researchers

(NaturalNews) Although advancements in science are made nearly every day, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the exact mechanisms of cancer. Now, certain animals that are highly susceptible to cancer are being looked at to help learn more about this baffling and devastating illness. Take, for example, California’s sea lions. Sea […]

Harvard Goes To The Himalayas – Monks With ‘Superhuman’ Abilities Show Scientists What We Can All Do

It’s fascinating to consider just how many ancient teachings tell us that humans have the capacity to gain extraordinary powers through various techniques. Some of these techniques, known as siddhis in the yoga tradition (from the Sanskrit, meaning “perfection”), include meditation, static dancing, drumming, praying, fasting, psychedelics, and more. In Buddhism, for example, the existence of advanced […]

Cops Find Strange Item Hidden Inside Muslim’s Burqa, Then THIS Happened 2 Blocks Away

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– A trio of Obama’s Muslims were caught on tape shoplifting from a store by grabbing items and sticking them under their burqas. On top of that, 2 of the women were busted selling their EBT cards just 2 blocks away! Bleeding heart liberals claim that these burqas and head coverings are […]

Sweden Tells Refugees ‘Stay in Germany’ as Ikea Runs Out of Beds

From: Customers shop for beds at an Ikea store in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Europe’s refugee crisis is having such a major impact in Sweden that even Ikea is running out of beds. The Swedish furniture giant says its shops in Sweden and Germany are running […]

Man Collapses After Biting Into Popular McDonald’s Breakfast Sandwich

You wake up hungry. You’re in a hurry. You don’t feel like being bothered to scramble up a few eggs. McDonald’s is convenient. You know it’s bad for you, but it’s only one meal. You will definitely go back to eating right tomorrow, but that is then and this is now. Surely one morning of paying […]

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