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The Full Charles Murray: Race and IQ Government Welfare and Crime – John Stossel

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350,000 foreigners applied for asylum in Germany in 2023 as welfare payments soared

Germany continues to be inundated with immigrants under the current left-liberal government with asylum applications jumping 51.1 percent to 350,000 last year compared to 2022, which featured 217,774 applications. The data, which is from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, shows most applicants arrived from Syria (105,000), Turkey (63,000) and Afghanistan (54,000). The federal […]

The Welfare State’s Destruction Of Faith In Freedom

The Welfare State’s Destruction Of Faith In Freedom Authored by Jacob Hornberger via The Future of Freedom Foundation, As I read about the life and death of billionaire Charles Feeney, I could not help but think what America’s welfare-state way of life has done to destroy many people’s faith in freedom.  According to an article in the New […]

Paul Blair Is Teaching Pastors That the Federal Welfare System Violates ‘God’s Design’

Liberty Pastors is a Christian nationalist organization dedicated to training pastors to become more involved politically. Founded by religious-right activists Dan Fisher and Paul Blair, Liberty Pastors hosts multi-day retreats around the nation where local pastors and their spouses are instructed by right-wing speakers like Rick Scarborough, Mat Staver, Rick Green, E.W. Jackson, Alex McFarland, […]

Welfare Payments to Add $33 Billion to Albanese’s First Budget

An extra $33 billion (US$21 billion) will go towards the pension and other welfare payments in the Australian federal budget, with inflation largely responsible for growing welfare costs. Labor party Treasurer Jim Chalmers said the government needed to find billions in extra funding because welfare payments are pegged to inflation. “One of the pressures on […]

How the USDA fails to enforce the Animal Welfare Act

USDA Fail: USDA inspectors documented extensive animal suffering at a USDA-licensed supplier of chinchillas for research, but for years the agency did nothing. (Photo credit: gehantao971031/Flickr) For years, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspectors dutifully documented extensive animal suffering at Moulton Chinchilla Ranch (MCR), a chinchilla breeding facility in Minnesota. In 2021, MCR was the […]

Is India a welfare state?  

The directive principles enshrined in the Constitution of India declare that India is a welfare state.  It is said that the welfare schemes protect the poor and the downtrodden, provide the skills needed to participate better in the process of accelerating economic growth, and equip the economically inferior workforce. Social welfare systems provide assistance to […]

Exclusive: Biden’s Deputies Demand State Welfare Agencies ‘Affirm LGBT Children’

President Joe Biden’s deputies are pressuring the 50 states’ child welfare agencies to ensure that abandoned or homeless kids who declare an “LGBT” identity must be placed with foster homes and organizations that “affirm” their claimed sexual status. “Each title IV-E agency should be particularly vigilant about placing LGBTQI+ children and youth in homes and […]

The Cruel Failure Of Welfare Reform In The Southwest

Above Photo: Duncan, wearing a scarf, at a demonstration outside a Las Vegas casino in March 1971. American Stock Archive / Archive Photos/Getty Images. A ProPublica Series Has Found That In Nevada And Neighboring States, Boom Times Hastened The Demise Of Cash Assistance For The Poor — But Not Poverty. As the 1960s came to […]

States are hoarding $5.2 billion in welfare funds even as the need for aid grows

Image Credit: Getty Images When Congress passed welfare reform in 1996, states were given more autonomy over how they could use federal funding for aid to the poor. They could demand welfare recipients find work before receiving cash assistance. They could also use their federal “block grants” to fund employment and parenting courses or to […]

Tribes File Briefs Defending Indian Child Welfare Act

Above Photo: By Qimono. ICWA lauded by child advocates as the gold standard in child welfare. Yesterday, four tribes filed briefs (1 & 2) with the U.S. Supreme Court in Brackeen v. Haaland, **denouncing the latest attempts to overturn the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and defending the law’s constitutionality. Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin, Jr., Morongo Band […]

Scheer Intelligence: What Democrats Did To Welfare Haunts Them

Above photo: Lawyer and former member of the Clinton administration, Peter Edelman. Georgetown University Law. On this week’s “Scheer Intelligence,” the former Clinton administration official examines how Americans are still tormented by the specter of President Bill Clinton’s worst domestic policy failure. A recent piece in the Washington Post titled “Welfare rolls decline during the […]

New UK global trade deals will water down animal welfare standards warns RSPCA chief

The chief executive of the RSPCA has sounded the alarm over the prospect of post-Brexit free-trade deals with countries where farm animals are treated in ways that would be illegal in the UK. Animal welfare standards will be “watered down by the back door” and UK farmers will be undercut if the government signs agreements […]

Hezbollah positions itself as a welfare bureau in rudderless Lebanon

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

Tax Resisters Divert Their Money From War To Human Welfare

By Ella Fassler, Truthout. April 17, 2021 Above photo: It is because we consent and pay our taxes without much thought that half the money we pay the government is for war. Rob Kim/Mediaphotos/E+/Getty Images. President Biden’s foreign policy to date is largely indistinguishable from Trump’s. His administration hasn’t reversed tortuous sanctions against Iran, the […]

Prince Philip Who Lived Off Welfare Dies in England “I Want to Reincarnate as a Virus”

newsheadlinesPhilip: “I Want To Reincarnate As A Virus” A few months before the Queen’s German husband, Prince Philip, launched the World Wildlife Fund in 1961, he went on a tiger hunt with the Queen. A tiger was lured into range by tethered goats and shot dead by Philip who called himself a conservationist and environmentalist.On […]

The boundless advantages of the welfare state — for the rich

President Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid relief plan is a positive step forward in the battle for economic and social justice. But not a single Congressional Republican voted for it. The unsubstantiated claim of Republican senators and conservative groups is that it establishes a “welfare state” that discourages work. Opponents have called it “excessive and unnecessary,” a “partisan monstrosity.” Ted Cruz even accused the […]

Welfare Organization to provide 16,000 houses for the underprivileged

TEHRAN – The Welfare organization will construct some 16,000 houses by the end of the current Iranian calendar year for the underprivileged families under the coverage of the organization. More than 13,000 residential units have been transferred to the target society in the first nine months of the current year, IRNA quoted Zolfaqar Yazdanmehr, an […]

Paris to shut iconic bird market over animal welfare concerns

The Council of Paris voted to prohibit the sale of birds and other live animals, as the French capital’s famous bird market near Notre-Dame Cathedral faces closure over animal welfare concerns. Paris City Hall made the decision as officials felt that the birds were being held in crowded conditions, and that the animals’ needs and […]

Welfare minister Shmuli resigns, citing ‘mistake’ of joining Netanyahu coalition

Welfare Minister Itzik Shmuli announced Wednesday that he was taking a break from the government and politics, saying he was taking responsibility for the “mistake” of joining Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government. In a post to his Facebook page, Labor party member Shmuli wrote: “I decided to take time off from politics to consider my […]

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