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Israel’s genocide in Gaza exposes the racism of the international system | Witnessing Palestine

Francesca Albanese and Susan Abulhawa discuss the role Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza plays in the global systems of diplomacy, economics, and culture. Source

Did they Die of Natural Causes and On Time, or Are We Witnessing Democide?

From Gary Moller In recent weeks, there’s been international concern about reports of alarmingly high death rates reported at certain vaccination centres in New Zealand. Whistleblower, Barry Young, has come forward with shocking allegations revealing this disturbing trend. The New Zealand government’s data, which he released into the public domain, raises serious questions about whether […]

Witnessing Palestine: Noura Erakat on the collective trauma of Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza

Noura Erakat joins Frank Barat to talk about the collective trauma the world is experiencing as Israel carries out genocidal attacks on Gaza. Source

Witnessing the Media’s Covid Coverage from the Inside

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL In the movie An Education, the main character gets sidetracked from her studies by a smooth-talking art dealer who turns out to be a criminal—and married. Our protagonist learns more from that experience than from all the medieval literature books she cracked open before. I have similar feelings about my […]

Archbishop Hanna: Gaza witnessing new Nakba, ethnic cleansing

October 21, 2023 Source: Al Mayadeen+ Al Mayadeen Net By Al Mayadeen English During an interview for Al Mayadeen Net, Palestinian Greek Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna says holding candlelight vigils for Palestine is not enough. Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Sebastia in occupied al-Quds Atallah Hanna told Al Mayadeen that “bombing the church is a new massacre committed […]

“Israel” Laments Its Weakness: We’re Witnessing Hezbollah, But Not Acting

October 4, 2023 By Mordechai Kahana | Makor Rishon Hezbollah’s tents are springing up along “Israel’s” border amid deceptive silence. This should be setting off all of “Israel’s” alarm bells. It’s part of a dangerous blow to the “Israeli” deterrence. Hezbollah is taking advantage of the historically weaknesses along the ‘northern borderline.’ Hezbollah has deliberately […]

We Are Witnessing the Death of Scientific Materialism

Nor is it probable that a thousand monkeys with typewriters could produce a Shakespeare sonnet.  Physical existence is based on intelligence, not chance.   Molecular biologist refutes Darwinian chance Intelligent Design refutes natural selection Darwin is toast.   The unbelievable complexity of even the most basic life forms proves that they cannot assemble by chance.   […]

We Are Witnessing An Enormous Wave Of Bankruptcies And Layoffs During The Early Stages Of 2023

We Are Witnessing An Enormous Wave Of Bankruptcies And Layoffs During The Early Stages Of 2023 Date: January 21, 2023Author: Nwo Report  Posted BY: Kara | NwoReport Is your job safe?  Right now, we are witnessing so much turmoil in so many different sectors of our economy.  The housing market is crashing, the cryptocurrency industry […]

Witnessing the death of hope in Jerusalem

It was hard not to witness the death of hope in Jerusalem on Tuesday night. Those who held out hope that the Israeli system would somehow resist the right, and exhibit tolerance — that hope was dashed by the Israeli election, in which the fascistic messianic right declared its grip over the Israeli Jewish psyche. […]

We’re Witnessing DESTRUCTION of God’s Name From Every Human Chromosome

By Christine Beadsworth  The Holy Spirit has been speaking much to me about the forceful drive being perpetrated worldwide to introduce a purported medicine by needle into every human on the planet. I have received a number of dreams building revelation and understanding and I feel led to share these things in a series of […]

We are now witnessing the early signs of the dreaded vaccine zombie apocalypse: Raging “mask Karens,” personality changes, violent behavior and animalistic lower brain stem lunacy

In the first place, NOT ONE, NO “governmnet” or “governmnet” “health organization” world wide, can or will produce a scientifically isolated, identified, reproducible stand alone sample of a SARS-Cov-02 “virus” this whole scamdemic was based on using the now admitted worthless PCR “test” to identify people “infected” with a “virus” no one can produce a […]

The world is now witnessing a pandemic of N-STEMI heart attacks caused by blood clots

A certain type of heart attack is on the rise around the world. Healthcare professionals in Scotland have seen a sharp uptick in a potentially fatal type of heart attack called an N-STEMI attack. This condition is the result of partially blocked arteries that cut off the blood supply to the heart. It presents less […]

Iran witnessing ‘scandalous and shameful’ end of Trump: Rouhani

TEHRAN – Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that the U.S. “maximum pressure campaign” against Iran ended in failure and described Donald Trump’s record in the final days of his presidency as “scandalous and shameful” which Iran is witnessing. “These days do not just mark the end of an administration, but they also mark […]

Witnessing Holocaust History: From Generation To Generation

December 9, 2020 by J-Wire Newsdesk Read on for article The American Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Centre, the U.K.-based World ORT, and the Perth-based WE ARE HERE! Foundation have partnered this year to provide an international experience of Holocaust education and remembrance to students around the world. Eli Rabinowitz Witnessing Holocaust History: From Generation […]

Is Peru Witnessing A Parliamentary Coup?

Above photo: Members of the progressive New Peru Party on the streets on November 9 to protest the coup d’etat against Martín Vizcarra. Nuevo Perú. What are the forces behind Peruvian president Martín Vizcarra’s impeachment following a rapid and bizarre session of the Congress? Who stands to benefit? Why have thousands taken to the streets […]

Clinton: US is witnessing an ‘all-out attack on core values of democracy’

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday night warned the U.S. is seeing an attack on the “core values of democracy.” “We are witnessing an all-out attack on core values of democracy: free speech and the rule of law,” Clinton said at the annual Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards in Washington, D.C., according to Fox News. “A war on […]

We are Witnessing Overthrow of God

“To get to God, [Lucifer] intends to destroy man. To get to man, he approached woman. That irrational, rationalizing creature obeyed the serpent in an attempt to gain wisdom, which is something of which she is incapable because it is against her nature. She “sinned” in that she acted according to Lucifer’s direction, instead of the man’s, who […]

World’s witnessing a new Gilded Age as billionaires’ wealth swells to $6tn

The world’s super-rich hold the greatest concentration of wealth since the US Gilded Age at the turn of the 20th century, when families like the Carnegies, Rockefellers and Vanderbilts controlled vast fortunes. Billionaires increased their combined global wealth by almost a fifth last year to a record $6tn (£4.5tn) – more than […]

Are we witnessing the death of a nation?

     Every living nation needs symbols. They tell us who we are as one people, in what we believe, and on what basis we organize our common life. This fact seems to be very clear to the current leadership in Russia, particularly to President Vladimir Putin, in restoring and reunifying a country rent by three […]

We are now witnessing a coup being attempted in America

     Personally, I’m horrified by the fact that Goldman Sachs goons are in total control of the Trump administration’s economic policy. I’m also horrified that our new President’s first overseas trip will be to the terrorist state of Saudi Arabia, a autocratic, brutal monarchy with undeniable ties to 9/11. I’m likewise disgusted by Attorney General […]

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