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Finland: Man Jailed for Defending Himself Against Armed Home Invaders

Finland: Man Jailed for Defending Himself Against Armed Home Invaders July 21st, 2016 Via: Russia Today: The homeowner has been convicted of “excessive self-defense and attempted manslaughter,â€� Helsinki news reports. He will serve an unconditional sentence for four years and two months, which he […]

Scott Roberts: Why Do Black People Hate Us?

Scott Roberts asks a rhetorical question and then answers with what should be obvious answers. There’s no mystery or need to guess why the blacks hate Whitey. Youtube link: Source Article from

The Recolonization of Latin America: Fighting for the future of Venezuela

     Washington wants Latin and Central America recolonized, US-controlled tyranny replacing sovereign independence throughout the hemisphere. At an Association of Caribbean States summit last week in Havana, Cuban President Raul Castro expressed alarm about Latin American and Caribbean “turbulence,” calling it the result “of an imperialist and oligarchic counteroffensive against popular and progressive governments.” Washington […]

After 75 Years Of Research, Harvard Study Found That Happiness Comes To This

Happiness is one of the most important things in life, yet it’s also one of the hardest to study. Psychiatrist Robert Waldinger is the director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, one of the longest and most complete studies of adult life ever conducted. Waldinger described some of the secrets to happiness revealed by […]

Lavrov: Russia demands that Turkey withdraw its troops from Iraqi territory

“We demand that Turkey withdraw its troops from Iraqi territory, where they are deployed, as former Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu put it, to ‘strengthen’ Iraq’s sovereignty. This position is absolutely unacceptable,” Lavrov told Komsomolskaya Pravda daily. Russia’s Western partners and Turkey’s allies from NATO should pay much greater public attention to Ankara’s activities in the […]

In The Philippines a Rare Megamouth Shark Just Washed up

The recent spate of strange shark sightings just keeps going. Today, a rubbery-lipped, 15-ft. (4.5 m) beastie washed up on a beach in the Philippines. The creature turned out to be a megamouth shark—a species so rare that Christopher Bird, a marine zoologist and blogger, has estimated it’s only the 60th confirmed human encounter with one. Before 1976, no one had any […]

UK Government Pushes Forward With Insane Snooper’s Charter, Despite Widespread Concerns

At present the draft law fails to meet international standards for surveillance powers. It requires significant revisions to do so. First, a law that gives public authorities generalised access to electronic communications contents compromises the essence of the fundamental right to privacy and may be illegal. The investigatory powers bill does this with its “bulk […]

Major winter storm coming Tuesday to central Canada

     Environment Canada says a major winter storm is expected to sweep into parts of southern Ontario and southern Quebec on Tuesday, bringing heavy snow to some areas and freezing rain elsewhere. Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal and Quebec City are under winter storm warnings. Windsor is under a snowfall warning, while Ottawa is under a winter […]

Man miraculously saves toddler from fatal car crash (VIDEO)

A shocking 40-second video begins with a little boy getting ready to run across a two-lane road. As soon as the boy takes off, a man hurries after him, eager to push him to the other side of the road to save him from an oncoming car.  The man nearly succeeds, but the car still […]

Thirteen Year Old Girls Service the Global Elite Courtesy of the Super Bowl and CPS

There is a lot preparation and production that goes into making the Super Bowl an enjoyable event. And for some, this includes sexually exploiting our children for perverted pleasure and fun for the elite who travel great distances to attend the Super Bowl every year. Disturbingly, the FBI determined that […]

Fmr. MI-6 Agent: The Syria war will not be a quagmire — Because Putin and Assad are winning

     Late in the night on Feb. 2, the news hit: “all communication and supply line[s]” between Turkey and Aleppo had been severed, according to a Elijah Magnier, a renowned Arab war correspondent with Alrai Media Group. It seems to be so: the Syrian army and allied militias, backed by Hezbollah and Russian air power, […]

More Great Media Moments in Muslim Achievement: Headscarf Lady Wins Bakeoff In Britain

Muslim Winner of Baking Contest Defies Prejudice in Britain By Dan Bilefsky, OCT. 8, 2015 LONDON — Prime Minister David Cameron praised her coolness under pressure. Bookmakers monitored her performance as they do election candidates. Television watchers admired her raspberry mille-feuille and soda-flavored cheesecakes — along with her blue chocolate peacock, and a mountain […]

Protesters Respond to SOS Call on Facebook, Shut Down Armed Raid Against Family Farm!

Donna Hancock Source Article from

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