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‘In the whole Sephardi community there is no worthy candidate for the Supreme Court’

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Hanukkah shows and movies for kids that are worthy the tough search

 “Arthur’s Perfect Christmas,” the 2000 TV movie, begins with Arthur sitting at the piano in his jammies singing about how this Christmas is going to be magical — the best one yet. It’s clear what holiday is center stage in Arthur’s world. But it’s the B plot about the show’s Jewish character Francine that speaks […]

Western Media Frames and Filters: The Worthy and the Unworthy Victims

Nour Rida  30-04-2018 | 07:50 The war in Yemen has created devastation unseen before in the country’s long history of turmoil. Thousands have been killed and millions displaced, starved, and disappeared in what the UN has described as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis since World War II. It’s not just bombs, bullets and arms that […]

Ahed Tamimi offers Israelis a lesson worthy of Gandhi

By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth Sixteen-year-old Ahed Tamimi may not be what Israelis had in mind when, over many years, they criticised Palestinians for not producing a Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela. Eventually, colonised peoples bring to the fore a figure best suited to challenge the rotten values at the core of the society oppressing […]

SIX biggest “mainstream” media FAILS and cringe-worthy moments of 2017

(Natural News) This year will, without a doubt, go down as the year the American mainstream media lost its remaining credibility — that is, if you’re being fair in your assessment. And while we can actually trace the beginning of the end for the establishment media to before President Donald J. Trump defeated the most thoroughly corrupt presidential […]

Glen Ford” The USA does not have a national health care system worthy of the name, because it is in the war business, not the health business

Feelings Over Facts: The Social Engineering Of America And Its Business Of War The United States does not have a national health care system worthy of the name, because it is in the war business, not the health business or the social equality business…War is not a side issue in the United States; it is […]

Russian meddling is Watergate-worthy, but Israeli meddling is hunky-dory

The investigation of Russia’s meddling in our politics dominates the liberal press; and for my part, I believe everything The New York Times and MSNBC are suspicioning about Donald Trump and the Russians. I bet that the Russians have something on Trump personally, possibly involving money or sex; and that the Russians meddled in our […]

The myth of the cop killing ‘epidemic’

To hear the media tell it, America is in the grip of an unprecedented crime wave, an orgy of wanton murder in which heavily armed thugs randomly gun down innocent unarmed people, some of them teens, just for sport. Except that these homicidal goons are wearing the blues and badges of American police departments. It’s […]

Are We Worthy of Freedom?

  Rick GedeonActivist Post September 18, 2011 Fact is, you cannot appease tyranny. Once people understand that the thirst of tyrants cannot be quenched, then people will begin to realize and appreciate the severity of their circumstance. The United States of America is no longer. We are ruled by the color of law, and peaceful […]

DOD and DOE worthy of close budget scrutiny and many changes

by Ed Mattson   Wednesday’s article closed with a promise to discuss the Department of Energy, Homeland Security, Defense, and State, BUT before we start I’d like to share a recent bit of information I received this morning from three sources that should get everybody’s blood boiling as to the hypocrisy that runs rampant with […]

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