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Yahoo Pulls Out Of China, Citing ‘Challenging’ Environment

HONG KONG (AP) — Yahoo Inc. said Tuesday it has pulled out of China, citing an “increasingly challenging business and legal environment.” Chinese authorities maintain a firm grip on internet censorship in the country and require companies operating in China to censor content and keywords deemed politically sensitive or inappropriate. Advertisement “In recognition of the […]

What The Yahoo! Assange Report Got Wrong

Above Photo: Aerial view of CIA Langley, Virginia. Carol M. Highsmith/Wikimedia Commons. The Yahoo! report provides important new details of facts reported a year ago, but contains several errors, including a fabricated story about Russian operatives exfiltrating Assange from the Ecuador embassy. The Yahoo! News report that is mistakenly being credited for breaking the story of a […]

Yahoo Information Australia

Yahoo Information Australia Jul 22, 2019. Imbued along with premium-quality phyto-cannabinoid-wealthy (PCR) cannabis gas, a lot of these Paddington-shaped candy give you perfect CBD feel pretty much all when fulfilling your own superb tooth. A orally carried out medication by way of CBD around the experimental class should be acessed against placebo on an issue […]

Yahoo Information Australia


Yahoo Information Australia Jul 22, 2019. Imbued along with premium-quality phyto-cannabinoid-wealthy (PCR) cannabis gas, a lot of these Paddington-shaped candy give you perfect CBD feel pretty much all when fulfilling your own superb tooth. A orally carried out medication by way of CBD around the experimental class should be acessed against placebo on an issue […]

Google, Yahoo, AOL, Verizon, et. al., Boldly Announce – You’re All Caught In Our Web

I don’t know about you, but I have been prompted to accept “New Privacy Policies” for 4 or 5 different services in the past week or so. Just do a simple google search for “new privacy policy 2018” and you will see this is true. Did you receive many of these updates? None […]

Verizon’s Oath to Read All Your Yahoo and AOL Emails

21st Century Wire says… If you have a Yahoo! account, or still have an AOL account (why?), you might want to consider messaging via carrier pigeon. Verizon’s new online content provider, Oath, now requires users of its Yahoo! and AOL services to allow access to personal data – including the ability to read all emails […]

Slate, Yahoo News, NYT, WashPost, Mother Jones, CNN and The Atlantic all named as willing co-conspirators in deep state #RussiaGate propaganda plot

(Natural News) If you’re been reading this site for very long, you’re already well aware that the so-called “mainstream media” functions as pawns of the deep state, catapulting propaganda on command, blacking out news stories they don’t want you to see, and fabricating false “sources” to justify fictitious stories that achieve a […]

Full 35 minute interview of Syrian President to ABC-Yahoo largely omitted from 4 Corners hit-piece

Source from ‘CanDoBetter’, submitted by ‘DontGetFooledAgain’ See also: ABC’s 4 Corners breaches Code of Practice; ‘Syria’s Disappeared’ (24/4/17) by Susan Dirgham. By my own measurement the 4 Corners ‘report’ Syria’s Disappeared – The Case Against Assad only gave Syrian President Bashar al-Assad 40 seconds – 10 seconds near the start and 30 seconds near […]

Welcome To Hell——Central Banking At Work In Brazil and Beyond

Then things changed. They changed for everyone of course in 2008, not just the BRICS. But Brazil has languished, steadily trending down economically for years now after a post-depression blip up. On a 2005-2006 trajectory a Brazilian Olympics looked doable. On a post-2012 trajectory a Brazilian Olympics looks very unwise. I’ll bet […]

Zika Fears Prompt 125 Public Health Experts to Call for Olympics to Be Moved From Rio

A group of 125 prominent scientists, doctors and medical ethicists released a letter calling for this summer’s Olympic Games to be postponed or moved from Rio de Janeiro due to the ongoing Zika virus outbreak in Brazil. In a letter directed to World Health Organization Director Dr. Margaret Chan, the group said […]

Yahoo’s CEO is running out of time to turn things around

In this Jan. 7, 2014, file photo, Yahoo President and CEO Marissa Mayer speaks during the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Mayer’s nearly four-year attempt to turn around Yahoo needs a turnaround itself, repeating a pattern of futility that has hobbled one of the Internet’s best-known companies for the past decade. (AP Photo/Julie […]

What do you Call the First Afghan..

What do you call the first Afghan through the Channel Tunnel? Amhere. What do you call the second Afghan through the tunnel? Amhere Azwel. What do you call the third Afghan through the tunnel? Amhere Azwell Azhim. AfghansChannel Tunnel Source Article from

Research team finds way to produce large-area graphene 100 times cheaper

Glioblastoma multiforme, a cancer of the brain also known as “octopus tumors” because of the manner in which the cancer cells extend their tendrils into surrounding tissue, is virtually inoperable, resistant to therapies, … Source Article from


The web is a powerful resource that can easily help you learn new skills.  You just have to know where to look.  Sure, you can use Google, Yahoo, or Bing to search for sites where you can learn new skills, but I figured I’d save you some time. Here are the top 40 sites I […]

Yahoo says IRS declined to rule on Alibaba spinoff

A cut or tear in a material is typically a sign of weakness. Now, a Northwestern University, University of Illinois and Tsinghua University research team has created complex 3-D micro- and nanostructures out of silicon and … Source Article from

Firefox Plug-in Warns Users of NSA Surveillance

The NSA can spy on us all they want; we crazy diamonds are gonna keep on shining. If only 52 per cent of those polled oppose surveillance, they don’t understand that the only terrorists are the dark cabal governments. Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day? The government is likely logging even […]

The Jewish hand behind the Internet – Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay

(Freedom Research, June, 2009)       In the following document we will give an insight into CIA ‘s Jewish creations and penetration of the Internet and also show the level of cooperation between leading Jewish Internet entrepreneurs and the racist Jewish Apartheid state of Israel. The Jews – contrary to the “liberal” views they officially say they […]

Jewish owned Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft remove truthful content in India

Jewish owned Google Facebook YouTube Yahoo Microsoft already delete forbidden truth articles and news that they don’t want the public to know.   Responding to strong government pressure to remove content offensive to Indian politicians and religious groups, Google India has removed an unspecified number of sites and images from Google services in the country […]

Yahoo Accused of Censoring Occupy Wall Street Emails

  Kurt Nimmo September 21, 2011 The effectiveness of the Occupy Wall Street protests is being blunted by the internet corporation Yahoo, according to activists. According to a pair of videos posted on YouTube, the company intentionally blocked emails that included “,” the main website of the effort to shut down New York’s financial […]

Criminal Google at it again

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has lashed out at Google, accusing the internet giant of the single biggest breach of privacy in history. In recent weeks Google has been criticised after revelations that its Street View photo cars were also collecting information about people’s wireless internet connections. Google has also been a critic of the Government’s […]

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