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More than a hundred Yazidis sleeping outside Greek refugee camp

For almost two weeks, some 120 Yazidis have been sleeping in the street after having refused entrance to the Serres refugee camp in the north of Greece, which houses hundreds of their compatriots. “We have been sleeping on the ground for 12 days,” says Fahad, 22, sitting outside the camp. “Every day, we implore being […]

Iraq holds funeral for 41 Yazidis found in mass graves

Hundreds of people in northern Iraq yesterday participated in a funeral procession held for 41 Yazidis whose remains had recently been found in a mass grave left by Daesh in the small village of Kojo in the Sinjar Mountains. The victims’ remains were identified through DNA tests. Drums could be heard and traditional flutes played […]

After genocide, Yazidis’ region is in Turkey and Iran’s crosshairs

In August 2014 Islamic State extremists attacked the region of Sinjar in northern Iraq. This area consists of flat plains around a long mountain that is shaped like an oval. The region is desolate and on the border with Syria. ISIS targeted the Yazidis for extermination and slavery. While the genocidal attacks on Yazidis motivated […]

Half of Iraq’s Yazidis kidnapped by Islamic State are still missing

nsnbc : Figures released by Iraqi – Kurdish officials on Sunday, show that good and well half of the Yazidis kidnapped by the Islamic […]

6,417 Yazidis held by ISIS, 3,191 survivors registered, 90,000 fled to Europe: Khairi Bozani

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Khairi Bozani, the head of the Yazidi Affairs Office of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq’s Kurdistan Autonomous Region […]

Mitt Romney and John McCain Denounce Donald Trump as a Danger to Democracy

From: In an extraordinary public rebuke of Donald J. Trumps campaign, Mitt Romney and John McCain, the last two Republican presidential nominees, denounced Mr. Trump in forceful terms on Thursday and warned that his election could put the United States and even its democratic political system in peril. Offering himself […]

The Chimera

A bit earlier I put up a post about a young Russian woman giving a rather poetic response to an ISIS video threatening attacks on Russia. If you haven’t seen it, check it out, it’s immediately below this post. In my commentary, I remarked that one of the more interesting parts of the poem she […]

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