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85,000 Users locked out of savings accounts at “YouTube Bank” as fears over bank failure grow

(NaturalNews) America’s next big bank failure is only a matter of time, and the current problems of the so-called “YouTube Bank†should serve as a reminder… Source

YouTube openly brags about how it’s openly manipulating elections by banning videos that don’t represent establishment narratives

(NaturalNews) Google’s YouTube video platform is switching gears in the lead-up to the 2024 election in order to rig the election against unapproved… Source

YouTube Declares It Has ‘Moral Responsibility’ To Rig Election for Biden

YouTube had declared that it has a “moral responsibility” to tweak its algorithm in order to help the Democrats defeat Trump in the 2024 election. According to YouTube’s chief product officer, Johanna Voolich, YouTube is laser-focussed on ensuring Trump doesn’t set foot in the White House again. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered […]

If you watch the “wrong” things on YouTube, the Feds could demand that Google reveal your identity

If you watch the “wrong” things on YouTube, the Feds could demand that Google reveal your identity Privacy experts are sounding the alarm about two recent court orders that allowed the federal government to order Google to release private information about users who watched certain unapproved videos and livestreams on YouTube. According to the orders, […]

March 2 – YouTube Has Gone MAGA

Dress up and go somewhere! On my YouTube timeline, I am getting videos of British Fascist leader Oswald Mosley and anti-immigrant leader Enoch Powell. There has been a sea-change at YouTube, allowing outspoken Conservative views and criticism. This suggests that Trump will be installed in November in order to lead American dupes into WW3 for Israel.  […]

Feb 28 – Why is YouTube Allowing Truth?

Please send links and comments to [email protected] What the Media Won’t Tell You About LORD JACOB ROTHSCHILD When I clicked on this video, I did not expect to hear the truth: this depraved satanist and his family have gripped humanity by the short hairs. Grace is a brilliant American woman who makes mind-blowing historical […]

Google/YouTube monopoly, anti-competitive must see court time!

YouTube censors creators, especially if the content does not follow a particular narrative. See video of the title: [embedded content] This is an example of how the people in governments, the legal profession are in bed together with the large multinationals. Google should be in the courts over this behaviour immediately! ALL part of the […]

Facebook and YouTube Censored Victims of AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine

Some of the censored content included clips from the official UK Covid Inquiry. Source

The Reality of Being in a YouTube Prank Family

Open YouTube on any given day and you’re likely to be confronted by bad ideas, people going crazy, and pranks. “STEALING A WOMAN'S BABY IN FRONT OF MY FIANCE PRANK!! *HE GOES CRAZY*”. “Wearing My PERIOD BL🍩🍩D As A FACE MASK To See My Fiance's Reaction! *HE GOES CRAZY*”. “PIERCING MY ENTIRE FACE & SURPRISING […]

YouTube Censors Reporting On Leaked Trans Shooter Manifesto

YouTube has removed reporting by Steven Crowder on the pages of the withheld manifesto of the Nashville mass shooter that he managed to obtain, claiming that they “think it violates” their policy on “violent criminal organizations”. Whatever that means is anyone’s guess. Crowder shared the development with a screenshot from his YouTube account, commenting “Investigative […]

Democratic campaign groups team up for Latino outreach push on YouTube

A top Latino voter outreach network and the largest Democratic super PAC are teaming up on a six-figure bilingual ad campaign that’s airing exclusively on YouTube. Somos PAC and Priorities USA Action are narrowing their focus to the online video platform, which disproportionately attracts Hispanic audiences. “YouTube is the next battleground when it comes to… […]

Watch the video about 7 October YouTube doesn’t want you to see

Originally published by The Electronic Intifada, 31 October. This YouTube video by Propaganda and Co. has been going viral online. The copy the group posted to Twitter alone has so far received more than 4.1 million views. It is an accessible, six-minute distillation of the growing body of evidence that at least some of the […]

Youtube Links

Chris Cooper I also use the excellent Brave browser – If links do not appear simply toggle off the Brave Shield for the Tap website. Links will appear. Source

YouTube Is Wiping Safety Content on COVID-19 Vaccines

READ HERE:   Source

YouTube CEO Slams Russell Brand: ‘Independent Media Must Be Banished Forever’

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan has declared that independent journalists and creators will soon be banished from the platform following Google’s decision to censor Russell Brand’s channel. “If creators have off-platform behavior, or there’s off-platform news […] The post YouTube CEO Slams Russell Brand: ‘Independent Media Must Be Banished Forever’ appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

What are they trying to hide? YouTube CENSORING videos of Ukrainian soldiers embracing NAZISM

(NaturalNews) YouTube is reportedly censoring clips of Ukrainian soldiers embracing Nazism, according to the Gateway Pundit’s Larry Johnson.”If you have some… Source

WHO’s “Take Over” of YouTube Portends Orwellian Medical Dystopia

By Sayer Ji The World Health Organization and YouTube merge into a dystopian one-size-fits-all medical misinformation paradigm where “prevention” Source

Arcodeaus – Tares Among The Wheat – Banned On YouTube – Expose Documentary

This is the story of how down the ages the enemy under various guises has infiltrated the nations of the west and into Christian churches and deceiving the congregations into accepting good as evil and bad as good.     Source Source

YouTube’s new policy will censor Americans who disagree with the WHO.

In other words, Americans can no longer post a video contradicting what WHO bureaucrats decide. _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence is Over A unified pushback against the globalist agenda It’s finally here, the Global Walkout begins September 4th at 8pm London time and continue […]

These Are The Most-Watched YouTube Videos Of All Time

These Are The Most-Watched YouTube Videos Of All Time YouTube has been the dominant force in video streaming for well over a decade, with music being a huge driver of the platform’s growth. However, there seems to have been a demographic shift in YouTube’s audience over the years. As Visual Capitalist’s Freny Fernandes details below, […]

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