Target circulates memo that claims those who don’t support trans mutilations of children are “extremists”

(Natural News) Target – once a popular retail chain – is facing backlash from its customer base after launching a “pride collection” that is aimed at sexualizing kids, spreading perversion, and normalizing the delusion of transgenderism in youth. Target has also ramped up its promotion of trans activists and the perverted merchandise they create. This disgusting merchandise normalizes sexual perversion and feeds into the grander, well-funded transgender indoctrination movement that is polluting kids’ minds and destroying their innocence.

Target faces catastrophic losses as it targets its customer base

Fathers and mothers across the United States are speaking out and boycotting Target for promoting these transgender clothes and perverted ideals to their sons and daughters. And the boycott is working. According to the Dow Jones Market Data Group, Target has lost $9.3 billion in market valuation – a record 12.6 percent drop in just six days.

As Target faces catastrophic losses, the company is turning up the heat against its customers with an internal memo that has since gone viral. This memo – “Threat Overview” – calls Target customers “extremists” for opposing the company’s newfound transgender agenda.

With this memo, Target is taking on the millions of mama bears who make up its consumer base. These moms do not want their kids to think that taking puberty blockers and getting castrated is a normal thing. Target is promoting sinister merchandise that is grooming kids for a future of painful, humiliating, life-altering, sex-change surgeries that destroy their identity, purpose, and dignity as human beings.

Target claims its customers are “extremists” for opposing transgender clothes for kids

In their “Threat Overview,” Target refuses to take responsibility for promoting disturbing merchandise that targets the innocence of kids. Instead, Target blames the controversy on conservatives and “political and social tensions” that are rising due to the upcoming presidential election.

“As political and social tensions rise ahead of the 2024 presidential election, Target will face a continued increase of physical security threats related to our commitments on contentious social issues including support of the LGBTQIA+ community and Pride Month.”

Of course, the so-called “LGBTQIA+ community” is a manipulative, amorphous construct used by corporations, politicians, and the media, and there’s no such thing as a “Pride Month.” This fictitious corporate slogan is a psychological ploy to manipulate vulnerable minds to give up their individuality to take on a new, attention-seeking group identity that receives validation by tearing down all that is good, while taking on the role of victim in society.

Target’s “threat overview” claims: “Online campaigns and boycotts that emerge regarding Target’s Pride merchandise have potential to motivate extremist to violence. Recent extremist focuses are: ‘sexualization’ of children, gender issues, and drag performances.”

Target claims that its “commitment to contentious social issues” will drive conservatives to engage in “disruptive incidents” and make “threats of violence” in its stores. “Our Pride merchandise may spark disagreements among team members or prompt concerns that Target’s values don’t align with their own. Physical security risks will be highest for team members within the LGBTQIA+ community.”

But at the end of the memo, Target admits: “We have not seen any indicators yet in 2023 that raise concerns of a unique risk to Target.”

There is no evidence that moms and dads are making any threats of violence. The real violence is the psychological warfare – the trans activist propaganda – that is being aimed at their children to make them doubt who they are, to tear them apart from their family, to denigrate their identity, to chemically castrate them, to take them from their biological reality, and mutilate them in a life of spiritual, emotional, and physical pain.

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