Techno-Hell Roundup: Space Dust For Climate Change, AI Orchestrates Prison Gang-Rape

Surveying the latest transgressions against decency, morality, and humanity itself by artificial intelligence and its biological architects.

The Experts™ have an excellent new solution for controlling carbon emissions, an essential element of life on Earth, by blocking out another essential element for life on Earth.

Because they love us and want us to be happy.

Via Washington Post:

“Imagine a world where global warming on Earth has meaningfully diminished. Fossil fuels are on the back burner. Affordable renewable energy sources run most of our activities. Oh, and there’s a cannon on the moon shooting lunar dust into space to help partially shield sunlight to Earth.

That’s one eyebrow-raising approach for cooling our planet proposed by a group of astrophysicists in a study published Wednesday in PLOS Climate. The team used computer simulations to model various scenarios where massive quantities of dust (and we mean a lot of dust) in space can reduce the amount of Earthbound sunlight by 1 to 2 percent, or up to about six days of an obscured sun in a year. Their cheapest and most efficient idea is to launch dust from the moon, which would land into orbit between the sun and Earth and create a sunshade.

Yes, the idea sounds like science fiction. Yes, it would require (a lot of) new engineering. Yes, there are more feasible climate mitigation tactics that can be employed now and in the near future. But the researchers view this rigorous physics experiment as a backup option that could aid — not replace — existing strategies to help humankind live on a more comfortable Earth.

We cannot as humanity let go of our primary goal* of reducing greenhouse gas emissions here on our planet. That’s got to be the first job,’ said Ben Bromley, the study’s lead author and an astrophysicist at University of Utah. ‘Our idea is one — and it’s a very, very intensive one — to contribute to climate change mitigation, if we need more time here at home.’”

*”Our primary goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” you say? Or a means to an end?

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Very Pulp Fiction.

Via Vice:

“In January of 2022, Harvey Murphy was arrested and thrown in jail while trying to get his driver’s license renewed at a local DMV. According to a $10 million lawsuit Murphy has since filed, a ‘loss prevention’ agent working for a Sunglass Hut retail store used facial recognition software to accuse Murphy of perpetrating an armed robbery at a store in Houston, Texas. In reality, Murphy was more than 2,000 miles away at the time of the robbery. 

According to a lawsuit 61-year-old Murphy has filed against Macy’s and Sunglass Hut, ‘he was arrested and put into an overcrowded maximum-security jail with violent criminals. While in jail trying to prove his innocence, he was beaten, gang-raped, and left with permanent and awful life-long injuries. Hours after being beaten and gang-raped, the charges against him were dropped and he was released.’”

By “rescue,” of course, Bill Gates means “run a coup against and permanently subvert.” Transitive verbs mean different things to different people in our postmodern world.

Via Reclaim the Net:

“The notion that whoever controls and shapes AI could potentially wield significant influence over large swathes of society could be one of the most alarming and prominent over the next few years.

In a recent episode of ‘Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates,’ Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, and tech billionaire Bill Gates controversially delved into the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool for maintaining democracy and promoting world peace

The conversation explored the idea of using artificial intelligence as an instrument to foster unity in society, enhance global amity, and help overcome geopolitical polarization.

Microsoft, founded by Gates, and OpenAI, whose CEO Altman is currently working closely with Microsoft, are promoters of using AI to solve global issues.”

Via Gates Notes:

“BILL GATES: I do think AI, in the best case, can help us with some hard problems
 SAM ALTMAN: For sure. 
 BILL GATES: Including polarization because potentially that breaks democracy and that would be a super-bad thing. Right now, we’re looking at a lot of productivity improvement from AI, which is overwhelmingly a very good thing. Which areas are you most excited about?”

Nothing, obviously, screams Democracy™ quite like using AI to suppress wrongthink for the sake of engineering unipolarity of thought.

None of this technology will be abused, of course, by the technocrats with a direct line to the peasants’ brains; they respect Democracy™ too much for that.

Via Boston Globe:

Can brain wave stimulation, delivered via a headband-style wearable device, calm nerves, jog memory, and help people fall asleep?

A ‘neuro-tech’ startup, based in Cambridge and founded by scientists from MIT, Harvard Medical School, Imperial College London, and the University of California Berkeley, is trying to prove that it can.

Elemind Technologies emerged from stealth mode Tuesday, disclosing that it has closed on a seed round of $12 million in funding from a consortium that includes Village Global, an early-stage venture fund backed by high-tech billionaires Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates., Reid Hoffman, and Ann Wojcicki. Among other notable investors are the life sciences fund LDV Partners and E14 fund, an MIT-affiliated investment fund.

The company is designing products based on ‘electric medicine,’ an approach that redirects brain waves through non-invasive stimulation — using sound, light, touch, and electrical pulses — to potentially address a range of neurological conditions in a more targeted way than drugs.

‘We’ve shown through our research that we’re able to stop tremor for people with essential tremors,’ said Elemind cofounder and chief executive Meredith Perry. ‘We’ve also shown that we can rapidly induce sleep, faster than leading sleep drugs. [And] we can induce memory formation and increase pain threshold.’…

The company’s seed money will help bankroll its first product, which she said will be announced in the coming months.”

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