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There is one particular thing that the Jews are robbing our people of – the experience of the Family. This is understandable to anyone who knows what is currently going on in the world – that White genocide is not a Conspiracy, but a Reality; that the Jewish New World Order cannot exist without destroying the idea of the Family unit. Let us embark into this simple analysis.

My grandfather died while I was still a baby – the only way to get to know him better was to listen to the stories of others. Luckily, his wife and my grandmother, is still alive and kicking – I tell you, that woman is made of Titanium! The stories she told me… how I walked around with her on a daily basis as a kid – ventured into Nature – walked among people and wished every single one I met – a good day, sir! There are of course elements of her which annoy the hell out of me – but, she is what she is – she is a story teller and allows me not only to get to know her better, but also experience things which I myself wouldn’t have had experienced. In other words, she would also prepare me for things I could encounter one day. This is, in general, what most of our People are lacking nowadays – but, it is getting worse than that.

Couples, pressured through the Jewish education, economy and social brainwashing – rarely have children before the age of 30. If, for example, their own children afterwards do the same – and have kids at the age of 30 – they’ll be grandparents only at 60. By the time those grandchildren grow up – most of those grandparents will be gone. Hell, according to latest idiocy – most grandparents will be forced to work till the age of 69, if not longer. Time is being stolen from our Volk in every possible way – but, not only time – the ability to be together is being destroyed as well. Fuck the familybut, bring diversity into the neighborhood.

Remember, not only is the chance of getting a healthy kid after 30 dropping dramatically – but its spiritual essence is also weaker – as less of it is transferred from the mother.

With this latest generation growing up – imagine what stories they will be able to tell their children, let alone grandchildren? What will they tell them? What wisdom will they transfer to them? That they watched every single possible TV series and movie the Jew run Hollywood has pumped out? How they had to learn the Arabic lagnuage because the Diversity Council of Europe enforced it on every European? How they didn’t resist the Invasion into Europe at all? Will they even tell them what Europe was like before – when it was White? Do they know anything, at all – anymore? What knowledge and wisdom will they pass on to their grandchildren? What stories will they tell them?

Will they even have time for it? Will there even be enough Life left in them to do such a thing? One thing is sure – they will leave a debt which the children will have to pay for – because the system is fucked up as it is – and no one alive today from our ranks is going to be able to acquire any wealth in any type or form since we are resisting not only the system, but also not following the Jewish trends. If you want money nowadays – your best bet is to become an anti-White social justice warrior and simply promote any type of degeneracy. Those sheckels will be dropping into your pocket, you’ll almost start to believe in Yahweh.

It all is going towards the JWO – the abolition of the Family. What better way to accomplish such a thing than to create the system in such a way that the grandparents are dead when the grandchild is born? That the parents have to both work and no one has the time to create a bond with his child? Most parents nowadays don’t even know their children – the only thing they know is that they made them. Some people have a deeper relationship with their pets. Just give the child some kind of interactive toy that will keep it occupied – life is already predefined and the system will take care of the child – just fine. Going against the Jewish system can just and only lead to problems – and we don’t want that, now do we?

Just imagine the following : there will come a day where raising your child against the system will be deemed as anti-semitic.

As said, there are many factors that influenced this fiasco we find ourselves in. One of them was the “liberation of Sex” – what once was a natural thing to do, now became a drug. Imagine going back a couple of years before the invention of all these types of sex toys, pills and condoms. You were not really able to have sex all the time – eventually the woman would get pregnant. Nowadays, it is being used to drug, control and suck the life out of people. As with anything Jewish – first they come to “liberate” and then they take over “control” the way they want to – and anyone resisting their control is to be killed, eventually.

The same process, by the way, occurs with any type of drugit first seemingly is “liberating you” and your view on life – however, once it takes control over you it becomes almost impossible to cure yourself from it – sometimes the very act of resisting it can kill you. Notice how Jesus himself, that lying Jew, isn’t loving his enemies.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not be encumbered once more by a yoke of slavery.

But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them–bring them here and kill them in front of me.

Therefore the next factor after Sex, became all the Drugs and Alcohol that got pumped into the public as something acceptable. I got nothing against a beer or two – but that isn’t the case with what has happened. Everything nowadays is just about partying all the fucking time. After all, you work your ass off the entire week – what else should you be doing with yourself over the weekend, but drinking yourself into a coma? These factors were promoted with the post-WW2 music. People turned into hippies and punks – practically degenerates in many ways. War was supposedly over and all you needed now was Love. Ironically, no one ever explained what the fuck Love really is – so Love became simply not using your Brain at all. Love became literally – not resisting – including not resisting Evil.

The education system became more and more complicated, enslaving people to waste over 25 years of their life in order to gain a piece of paper with absolutely no experience. You know that you know nothing – literally – not just metaphorically. With such a state of mind you are willing to work whatever it takes, in any kind of condition. Experience is the real teacherknowledge and wisdom can’t come without it. Jews know this and have therefore destroyed several generations of our people – and, here we are today – with “social studies” becoming the most prominent job. A Jewish wet dream. We could go endlessly on analyzing this – and we have touched this subject before in several occasions – but it hurts my mind and heart to see how everything has been destroyed. How the essence of that which is good and natural has been perverted and turned into absolute chaos.

It is remarkable that the Jews, who never had their own nation or home, have been the main parasites behind bringing about revolutions of “liberty” into other Nations through their viral infections. Not only did they create these revolutions – in most cases they created the necessary bad times within Nations in order to gain a following. And for what purpose? When you really sit down and think about – what the fuck is wrong with that race of people? There is no reasonable explanation behind their motives – the only one is White genocide and the destruction of everything Aryan and Noble. Yet, they call it Liberty. They call it Equality. They call it Fraternity. A bunch of horseshit.

Alas, as usual it always makes me sad when the Christians do not see their own Indoctrination. Christianity came to Europe promising freedom in Christ to the people – it came promising the unity of the people under Christ – it came to make them a big fraternity of Brothers. One only has to read the New Testament to see this pattern and blueprint of destructiona blueprint that is still in operation to this very day. It simply changed its labels and uses. However, I gain Hope from my self awareness – if I managed to decode the Jews entirely on so many ways – then others should be able to do the same thing.

We just gotta work on our propaganda.

Yes, we will have to become better at it. Use some “magic”, if you wish to call it that way. Hell, Jews are brainwashing our people – the least we can do is use the same tools to make them want to look at our information. We don’t have to indoctrinate our People – we have to use the right tools to engage within their own minds their own will to look at what we are attempting to tell them. We don’t have to show them anti-semitism directlywe have to slowly guide them into becoming anti-semitic by their own will, on their own.

Nevertheless, the current situation of our People is a disaster – Women don’t think like Mothers anymore – Men don’t think like Fathers anymore. This is a crucial point. A Woman that thinks like a Mom will learn to cook, clean and take care of a home – because her child will need those things. A Man will be strong, independent and have willpower to defend his wife and child and make sure they both are free. These natural elements have entirely changed – Women think of childbirth merely as an obligation nowadays – something that they “probably should” do before they die. Men are offered thousands of ways to express their manliness – in the wrong way. Video games, porn and movies have taken over their spirit for Adventure.


There is also another important point with all these media sources – they make you “believe” that you have experienced it all – yet, you haven’t. You know you haven’t. People literally believe what they see in Movies and Video games nowadays and think that social interactions like those are acceptable, if not the norm. You can never neglect the amount of Jewish brainwashing that is being done and the success that they have with it. And they always do it in a cunning way – whenever something new shows up – whether it is a game, music or movie, they will first make it “good” in order to gain a large following. Once millions are watching it – they will drop bombs of degeneracy.

One such game, for example, was “The Last of Us“. It gained a huge following; millions of people loved it and liked it. Then they released an expansion of the game, in order to “explain the story in more detail”. I laughed my ass off when a literal hooked-nose Jew presented this expansion. What was it all about, you may wonder? Well, one of the main characters – a White “strong” girl – ends up being a lesbian who is in love with a Black girl. Since millions accepted the original and loved it – they’ll naturally have a low resistance when it comes to accepting such an additional element. Mazel Tov, Goyim!

But, as said – Women don’t think like mothers anymore. This was the biggest success of the Jews. Of course I’m not saying every single one of them, but the general youth nowadays doesn’t. They are all concerned with social studies, social justice, equality, diversity and all the other degeneracy that comes with that package. And they are all in their late twenties, mind you. Only 3 women, as far as I know, who I had known throughout my education have kids nowadays. I could be wrong – but the number isn’t that much higher. The rest are “liberated women”, exploring life, traveling around. I remember talking to one girl – her purse was open so I randomly grabbed inside of it and pulled out a box. When I opened that box, I couldn’t believe my eyes – there were enough condoms to survive the third world war. And she’s like – you gotta be ready!

I really don’t know what exactly we’ll have to do to save this planet and our Race – but, as far as I’m concerned – nothing is out of the option and nothing is good nor bad enough. We have to use everything, because if things continue the way they are – it’ll all be for nothing.

The main problem is that all these New Age movements have brainwashed our People to only look at the Positive of things – they are literally afraid to look into anything “negative”, which means that will never learn the real, entire Truth. They run away from it, become hostile and violent when you attempt to tell them that they are blind. You can’t live by knowing only the supposed Good! How the hell do you even know it is good? Just and only because it currently “feels good”, doesn’t mean it is Good. Hell, why not take some drugs then as well – give yourself some injections of various chemicals – it’ll probably “feel good” for some time as well. These people are all indoctrinated, drugged and brainwashed. You can’t acquire Knowledge without Knowing the Good and Evil – and the difference between them. Period. You can’t.

While we are at it, we also have to address the first Jewish false flag called the return of the Messiah, namely Jesus. I mean Christianity in whole is a false flag – but this particular psychological element is absolute poison. How many generations of White people were turning the other cheek or accepting their own demise simply by “believing” in the return of Jesus? Meanwhile, the Jews go around working relentlessly towards our destruction – because they know – that no one else is going to further their goals, but they themselves. All they had to do was take out those White Europeans – mostly Authority figures – who were not kneeling before this Jesus mentality and were taking things into their own hands. Even to this very day – even among Christian Nationalists – we have this Messiah phenomena being used and brought to life and the attention of our people – see, we are being genocided! Jesus will return!

Sometimes you don’t know whether these people are against our genocide or cheering it on. But, then again – they are indoctrinated fools – it serves no purpose to try and understand them.

If anything we have to look at what they are stealing from our Children. Our children will grow up in an environment that is entirely anti-White; that is designed to hate them and discriminate against them. They will have nothing to call their own – no governments – no Nations – no Homes. Even no families. They won’t learn about what it meant to be European anymore and there won’t be any Grandparents to tell them either. There won’t be a family gathering around a fire in late summer evenings where grandpa will talk about the stars and our Gods; his adventures and achievements in life – how he fell in love with his Wife and worked his ass off to ensure that his own children were able to get the best they deserve.

There won’t be any traditional food that the Grandmother will bring to such an event – there won’t be this second mother in their lives who is there whenever they need to be taken care off – when they are sick, when they are bored or when they need to learn certain skills. There won’t be another home where they will be able to go and remain for holidays. There won’t be anything of it. And within 2 generations – there won’t be any White people left.

Our children won’t have the freedom to express themselves, to be what they are, to unleash their Creativity and Intellect because it wouldn’t fall into the norm of Equality. They will be brainwashed and indoctrinated whenever they show the slightest signs of Aryanism within them. The children of the White Race will spit on our graves and piss on our Names. They will hate their Ancestors, and everything associated with them. They will hate themselves and everything they represent.

And a Volk that hates its Self is a Dead Volk. A Volk that forgets its Self is a Lost Volk. A Volk without its Roots is a withered Tree. A Volk that stops singing its own Song is ruled by another.


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