Texas Land Boss George P. Bush Steals Private Property Through Bribes And Intimidation

George P. Bush, Commissioner

After repeated refusals and lawsuits from the owners to give up their land, the legislature passed a law to allow Patterson to either repair or close the pass. This was still not enough for the State because according to law, the State cannot inflict eminent domain on property owners, it’s only enforceable by County where the land is located. The reasoning the State is giving for the closure of this vital pass is because of Mother Earth’s natural erosion. The only way for the County to agree to steal the land and shut down the economy as well as the Freedoms for the people who access it is the root of all evil, and that is Money.

Rollover Pass

George P Bush, (Jeb’s Son) knowing full well that the state can’t steal this desirable land, resorts to strong-arming Galveston County with money to get them to do the dirty work for him to save his face for further Governor endeavors. These “Honorable” County Commissioners are saying on record, that they have no other choice but to vote in favor of using Eminent Domain to appropriate the 15+ acres of shore front. They are afraid that if they don’t seize this land that they will lose the state funds that pour in from the General Land Office (GLO) and the money that Texas Department of Transportation extorts from its fellow Texans believed to be in excess of 20 million dollars. This land grab comes to Texas, not in the form of the BLM, but from the Texas General Land Office under command of George P Bush and his fancy GLO website that flashes all these so-called accomplishments to groom himself for the next step in the quest for control of the statehouse.

By accepting this blackmail the county commissioners are drinking the corruption kool-aid by taking the cash and soon to be broken promises that if they close the pass by seizing and closing this private property they will be rewarded with a pier that would prove detrimental for the locals and an unwanted large park. All of this promised by the very thieves who are orchestrating the land grab. This flow of money is said to have come from the “deep water horizon’ gulf oil spill reimbursement fund, federal monies from Hurricane Ike that devastated this area which people are still recovering from. There are approximately 30 businesses and hundreds of local low-income families that would be immediately impacted by this government overreach.

On Tuesday the Galveston County Commissioners voted 4-1 to proceed with eminent domain and seize the land. No matter what the courts say the property that is managed by Ted Vega from the Gilchrist Community and the ‘The Rod and Reel Gun Club’ along with the owner are boldly stating that they WILL NOT COMPLY and will refuse the money and WILL NOT give up their land.

The owner of the property had this to say before the commissioner meeting, “Due to previous unresolved commitments I am unable to attend this meeting.  For over 60 years Rollover has provided the salt water that has made East Bay a première fishing destination on the Gulf coast.  Closing Rollover will not only eliminate the bank fishing it has been famous for all these years but will also substantially reduce the productivity of East Bay.  Without fish there are no fisherman and the economic benefit they bring to the Bolivar peninsula. Why would the commissioners court do anything that will substantially reduce visitors to the peninsula?  The fishermen and women of Rollover have paid to have consultants run modeling studies on the Pass according to the modeling parameters set by the state.  These modeling studies show that closing Rollover will substantially reduce the salinity of East Bay and thus its productivity.  For the sake of all the people who fish at Rollover, all the people who live on the peninsula to fish in East Bay, all the people who travel to the peninsula to fish East Bay, and all the people whose livelihoods depend on these visitors DO NOT CLOSE ROLLOVER.”

Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset who has been approached about his possible enforcement of a court order to shut down the Rollover Bay” has stated that he will honor his oath and not get involved in such a tyrannical act and mentioned that he is a member of the Constitutional Sheriff’s Association. So then it reverts to a 20 man team at the Constables office which we doubt will stick their neck out in this unjust robbery.  A National Guard military advisor toured the land and came to a conclusion that this land is indefensible by just land and would require boats. To him and others involved a preferable non-kinetic solution would be ideal, but the money is too hard to turn down. One commissioner said  “We can’t stop it, it’s going to get taken anyway, let’s just take the land and get the money for it”.


I talked to David Watts a former candidate for land commissioner and currently running for a State Representative seat. He told me that Texas is so addicted to federal money that he believes that we will never stand up to any federal government encroachments as we are seeing here and on the Red River. About %35 of the Texas Budget is from the Federal Government so we can see why. Watts told dontcomply.com that “This is private land that Government is trying to take away, just because they don’t like the way it’s being used.” His solution has been the same for quite sometime and that is to construct aJetty system to help deal with the long shore drift, this would be the most respectful way to solve the  erosion issue.  The next step if the state fails to protect private property owners is the will of the people to amass and utilize their numbers and strength to defend themselves and others.

So sad that this day and age we are under constant attack from the elected officials that wave and smile and say that they will honor their oaths of office and fight for the people they serve. The money is being chosen before Liberty, so now is the time that we chose resistance, we will not comply.  Mr. Watts shared an MLK  quote with me during our conversation,  ” Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice Everywhere”   The Commissioners who put money before private property rights: Ryan Dennard cell phone (713- 885-271),   Stephen D. Holmes Phone (409) 770-5806,  Ken Clark (281-316-8745)

By Andre’ Gabriel Esparza – DontComply.com

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