The 11 Best Couples Halloween Costumes (to Prove Your Relationship Isn’t Failing)

Props to you, buddy. You’re clearly the better most motivated half of your couple if you’re reading this—or at least the most strategic when it comes to finding the best couple’s Halloween costumes that won’t suck eggs, and also won’t cost you hundreds of dollars.

The world just doesn’t really need another ketchup-and-mustard duo, does it? You can throw down the same amount of money for a couple’s costume that pays homage to some of the best movies, TV shows, and cult Halloween characters instead, especially now that 90s nostalgia has come full circle and A24 consistently gives us so much creepy-meets-aesthetic cosplay fodder. Remember the H-Ween of Midsommar flower crowns? There was no better way to subtly roast your partner that year than by sticking them in a bear suit.

This year, we’re looking to some of our favorite David Lynch movies, Woody Harrelson characters, and pop-culture moments (*coughs* Kylie and Timmy at the US Open) for inspiration. We’ve got plenty of costumes that you can assemble with just a few strategic Amazon additions (Daria needs her round glasses, after all) or that come fully assembled for the truly lazy, because, same. Whether your relationship is romantic, platonic, or a situationship—the truest fright factor of the fall—here are some of the raddest, unique couple’s Halloween costumes to increase your coolness capital.

Weird Barbie and Allan

If you’re going for the most topical, viral costume of the year, might we suggest the slightly less conventional duo of Weird Barbie and Allan? You’re going to see a lot of Barbies, thousands of Kens, and probably a good amount of “Barbenheimers,” so why not stand out from the crowd? Points for bringing your own “Walk and Potty Pup”— double points if they can poop on command.

Tanya and the gays trying to murder her

We’re still mourning the #iconic death of Tanya from The White Lotus. So much glamour, so much intrigue, and so many opportunities for pratfalls throughout the night. If you’ve already got a friend group filled with chic gay men, you’re set.

For Tanya, a flowy silk dress, a head scarf, and some oversized sunglasses will do the trick, plus you get the opportunity to practice your Jennifer Coolidge impression all night.

As for your crew, tell them to throw on their “finest Amalfi attire” and they’ll slay the dress code. If you’re asking us, the best accessory to this costume is a group of men in silky Tombolo button-down shirts worn open, paired with a bottle of champagne.

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet

The internet’s new favorite couple and the talk of the US Open—aka: Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet—were not on our 2023 Bingo board. (But we have to admit they are pretty cute together?) If you want to make a really big entrance, hire one of your friends to play “paparazzi” and spend the entirety of the party pretending like you’re too famous to be there. Given that the eBay gods have provided an incredibly accurate Timmy T wig, all you need to do is slap on a baseball hat of your choice, a black hoodie, and a silver cross chain (naturally).

For Kylie, you’ll need a voluminous black wig, giant sunglasses, prominent fake nails, and of course a lip kit. You can go as big as you want for the fit, but at the Open, she wore a plain black tee and baggy jeans.

“Weekend at Bernie’s” is the perfect throuple’s costume

Before you attempt to recreate this iconic late-80s comedy, start by determining who plans on getting the drunkest at the Halloween party (they get to be Bernie, and have an excuse to actually get carried around all night). The other two get to pose you in compromising positions, that’s the deal. All Bernie needs are some chinos, a striped tee, a blue windbreaker, and some sunglasses.

Welcome to the Space Jam

Ah, everyone’s favorite anthropomorphic basketball movie. It’s easy to find already-assembled Space Jam costumes online of Lola and Bugs Bunny, but you can also do a DIY version with some basic basketball fits and bunny ears.

Sailor and Lula from 'Wild at Heart'

We’ll take any excuse to create a Laura Dern and Nicholas Cage cosplay moment. David Lynch’s cult 90s movie put these two in soooo many sick outfits, but you’re going to want to go for the looks from the movie poster (and this scene); find a faux snakeskin jacket or button-down for Cage’s character, Sailor, and the pink dress worn by his lady love, Lula (played by Dern). Perfect a heavy-handed Elvis accent if you’re Sailor, and if you’re Lula, get ready to repeat the line, “This whole world is wild at heart and weird on top” in red lipstick.

For all the alt 90s kids, Daria and Jane

This really is the perfect couple’s costume for Gen Xers and older millennials who still have pairs of combat boots floating around. There are pre-made Daria costumes on the web, but you can also find plenty of Daria-ready black glasses and skirts to DIY your own. Her equally iconic BFF Jane isn’t as ubiquitous on the H-Ween circuit, but her look is just as easy to create with a red blazer and the right wig.

You’re an A24 ho

Midsommar has been played out at this point, so why not pay homage to The Lighthouse? Super creepy, and super H-ween appropriate. Just dress up as either Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe’s unhinged sailor characters, or Pattison/Dafoe and a seaweed-tangled mermaid from *that* scene. Pipe and farting optional, but preferred.

Mickey and Mallory Knox

The cult 90s movie Natural Born Killers follows the misadventures of a psychopathic, serial killer couple, which means it was basically made for Halloween. Why else would the film’s stylist have given Woody Harrelson’s character, Mickey, those red-tinted shades, or Juliette Lewis (who plays Mallory) such a rad crop top? For Mickey’s most iconic look, all you need is an all-white ensemble, a chonky belt, some fake blood, and those red shades.

If you’re dressing up as Mallory, you can either go for her sundress “marriage” scene outfit, or her low-rise pants and crop-top combo:

For a super easy costume, do Georgie and Pennywise

You could really pull this off with the bare minimum of a yellow raincoat for Georgie, and some Pennywise face paint/a mask for your creepier, better half. If you do want to add in a few more finishing touches, recreate Georgie’s boat toy with some paper, and give the clown a ruffled shirt.

Woke up this morning and you had some gabagool

Even though it’s been over 25 years since the first season of The Sopranos aired, the mob boss and his ducks remain in our hearts, and our collective consciousness, and while we can all agree that prima di tuuuuutti, the most iconic duo from the franchise, next to Tony and Camilla, is Tony and his [gestures in Italian] gabagool. Also, we will use any excuse to invest in more Sicilian mobster-appropriate bowling shirts (though you might need to trim your wig down a bit).

TBH the gabagool has the coziest fit for the eve:

Wishing you and yours a bloody, fruit-by-the-foot-filled H-Ween.

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