The Brutal Burning Alive of Jessica Chambers

JESSICA CHAMBERS BURNED ALIVEOne of the first firefighters on the scene said the poor girl croaked out the name “Eric” or “Derrick” when they found her — burned so badly from head to toe, she looked like something from “the Walking Dead” TV show. They think Jessica was set on fire because her father worked at the police department (as a mechanic — some White privilege); so black gangstas suspected she might be a “snitch,” or she possibly spurned a butt-ugly ape wanting to get inside her pants — all very possible with these unbelievably brutal and violent animals.*

By Phillip Marlowe

Disgusting pictures like this totally pisses me off. I noted PEOPLE did not print this particular photo.

Pictures like this totally piss me the hell off! That’s why I kept it small. I noticed PEOPLE magazine did not print this particular photo for some reason.

THIS PAST CHRISTMAS week, the multicult-pushing lefty magazine, “PEOPLE,” ran a front cover article on the horrific murder of Jessica Chambers, a dumb little twit who mudsharked around with black gangstas down in Mississippi — a state now turned practically into a “little Africa” these days (sadly ironic what happened to that southern state after they forced integration down us decent White people’s throats back in the ’60’s).

The poor girl was found painfully stumbling away from her burning car. Her brutal killer(s) had not only doused her and the car, but even poured lighter fluid down her throat before setting her alight. Only the soles of her feet went unburned. Her contacts had melted to her eyeballs. She mercifully died in the hospital only a few hours later with her heart-broken family nearby. Can you imagine the scene?

PEOPLE magazine probably ran the story since they know us regular White people out here are finally starting to get it about how the liberal, Jewish-owned media is hiding Negro crime from us Whites all the time. Better do the piece now — get it over with before they finally arrest the black(s) responsible and be expected to run perp walk shots showing her ugly black killer or killers smirking in the light.

Jessica Chambers was a cute, popular girl who maintained A's and B's in school. It's a crying shame she hung with animals.

Jessica Chambers was a cute, popular girl who maintained A’s and B’s in school. It’s a crying shame she was willing to become involved with such ugly animals. Her horrible death is a prime example of what Jewry has done to the White race.

So, yeah, I’ll just go out on a little limb here and tell you it will indeed be a black or blacks they pop (if they ever do). It’s really not much of a stretch considering how fire crazed this sadistic race can be. Hell, they often set fire to cars, homes and living people while committing various acts of murder and mayhem. Blacks also kill mudshark White women and their friends and family all the time. In fact, criminal blacks viciously murder innocent White people constantly and we never hear JACK because of PC protecting this lousy race.

Get real, multicult fools.

And I hate calling the poor girl “a twit” but that’s the case. And sure, it’s not entirely her or her parent’s fault because of Jew media promoting our women to sleep with these disgusting apes in the first place. Can you not stop and think just what the filthy, subversive GD Jews have been and are doing to the White race and our countries?

JESSICA CHAMBERS NIGGER MONTAGEThe place where Jessica once lived (Cortland, Mississippi) has been totally jiggerized — full of wannabee gangstas running wild — nappy little heads twisted all to hell with Jew media, like violent rap “music” and Jew Hollywood movies extolling thug behavior and constant White-hating film epics on slavery/civil rights/Jim Crow. Same BS goes on wherever the crime-prone animals infest — Baltiwhore, Detoilet, Chimpcago, Apelanta — America’s cities have now been destroyed by the filthy Negro, thanks to the Jew’s nation-wrecking PC BS and shekel-grubbing greed!


Now some of your lefty Whites who might have stumbled on my “hateful” site by accident are probably screaming what a terrible racist I am. I can only ask them to merely contemplate all the rip-offs — financial, globalist or otherwise — destructive social engineering and evil Zionist BS over in the Mideast these stinking Jew creeps have forced upon America. I simply beg of you to reevaluate your position. How about bearing with me for a minute to tell you a short story of mine that occurred over the holidays?

A family member who’s name will go unsaid asked me what I thought about the new “History” Channel’s TV show, “Hunting Hitler” (the whole network should be called the “HITLER” Channel). Oh, he knows what I think about these filthy Jew rats but has always been too frightened to contemplate the matter in any serious way. Maybe he believes I harbor some crazy hope Der Fuehrer man survived and Dr. Mengele cloned his son, that I could now worship. Hell, I don’t know what he wanted me to say.


Baer looks like he might be “married into the mob,” which would help his lucrative career spewing Zio propaganda on Jew TV to the idiot masses. Yep, being married to a Jew is the next best thing to being a Jew — career-wise.

I thought for a moment about telling him a story about Robert Baer, one of the main guys of the “Hunting Hitler” show (Hollywood loosely based the George Clooney character in the Zio propaganda movie “Syriana” on Baer).

Yet I realized it would take more than a sentence or two to get it all out right and he would pretty much lose interest after the third syllable or so — his eyes glazing over with what he probably thinks is my usual racist madman conspiracy theories (I need to work on that).

So, to retain holiday cheer, I just said the whole thing was pretty much BS. I have indeed watched several episodes so I was at least being truthful when I said that (which is apparent if you pay attention while watching). What I can’t imagine is people at those places talking to the obvious Zionist “investigators” in the show.

Basically, the story I really wanted to tell him is that a 9/11 “truther” got this Robert Baer guy on video saying he had a bud (in the San Diego area, I believe) who told him he made money shorting airline stocks right before 9/11. The true story of unknown people profiteering on 9/11 airline shorts should be fairly huge. That is, if we had a real media. The known fact of those trading shorts was blithely and briefly explained away in the 9/11 Commission whitewash book that short traders could not possibly have known in advance, hence could not be evidence of a conspiracy beyond “evil terrorists.” The explanation doesn’t really mean JACK when you think about it.

If we really had a “free media” the story would have been all over the airwaves and Baer would be forced to name names, clarify the story on air, or simply admit he said it merely to screw with the head of a “truther” for laughs (I can see that). But since the media is owned by the rats to begin with, not a word was breathed and Baer keeps his media “CIA insider perspective” cushy job (they have clever little ways of appeasing the brains of us unwashed masses who want the “real scoop” ha ha).

Now I look at family members and think how much they are getting ripped off by the rats all the time and don’t have a clue. They might complain about how bad “inflation” is these days but would probably not want to listen if you tried to explain how they’ve each lost about the cost of a new car to the unseen globalist banking elites getting free moolah since the 2008 bail-outs — to say nothing about the countless banker rip-offs down the years thanks to the Federal Reserve and insane government-approved accounting gimmicks and loopholes that exploit the taxpayer through the unseen tax of inflation.

The MEME of greedy little local capitalists and overpaid union employees has worked well to shield the real Globalist rats behind the curtain, milking this country for all we’re worth. We can’t raise the minimum wage for the sullen, peeps of color fast food career workers because of all the evil White McDonald’s franchise owners are the ones really to blame!

Anyway, I digress.

The point I’m trying to make here is that the rats behind it all have been turning our brains into tapioca pudding and ripping us off left and right, while promoting our babes to sleep with ugly apes, who sometimes burn them alive.

Maybe I should have told him just that.

Look, I am a fairly nice guy. Or at least polite and well-mannered in real life among the braindead (I’ve got years of experience keeping my big fat mouth shut).

And I was nice and friendly to this truly bizarre looking “BUTCH LEZBO” tranny at this small office party right before Christmas, believe it or not. She or “IT” was wearing man clothes and had a close-cropped, retro-style shave haircut, but I could just make out she or “IT” really was a short, petite female betwixt the legs, who probably would have looked pretty attractive otherwise (I mentally gagged in sexual confusion). It was obvious, she or “IT” “got off” on the tough guy look. God knows what her “wife” back home looked like. And if that’s not crazy enough, she or “IT” had a bad ass car — one of those souped-up looking Chevy Camarro types that any regular guy would love.


These filthy brainwashing Jews are all over place, screwing with White people’s heads in their never-ending subversive efforts to keep our lands as safe havens for Jew thievery and a wide variety of perversions.

OK, so I get a little crazy thinking about all the total BS now going on in America today. We are surely going down the crapper because of all the filthy Jews running us broke with money scams and globalist crap — while at the same time working to breed our race away, turn us into flaming faggots or merely spineless worms.

Now do you know why I’m so pissy?

Look, liberals, I can’t tell you what to think. But please, please make note the other side has mega BILLIONS in media power for brainwashing Whitey (you can tell us pro-White sites operate on shoestrings). They’ve been up to this brainwashing to destroy our race with multiculturalism and diversity for decades now. Hell, you can see them doing it in real-time just by turning on the TV!

Nowadays they are ramping it all up, because they know we’re starting to figure it out, thanks to the Internet.

About time.

*They recently arrested 17 black gangstas from the area on a wide variety of charges, but not the crime of murdering young Jessica. Certainly, they are trying to shake things up in the investigation by spurring one of the little bastards to talk. The reward money is now over $50,000 — plenty enough for crack to last a year or two!

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