The Center is not Holed

A Democrat, as President,
By function and by precedent,
Strips the poor of social standing,
Steals from babies while they’re laughing,
And generally comports himself
In ways enhancing corporate wealth.

His party peers stand mutely by,
Courting wetbacks as they dry,
And generally decline to see
The obvious mendacity.

Republicans, on the same hand,
When in the oval office stand
For bloating all the powers of state,
And making income taxes great,
And dashing off on foreign ventures
While staying home behind the trenches.

And all the while the GOP
Shrugs and whistles tunelessly,
And looks around as if abashed,
And stuffs its pockets full of cash.

And now a Trump does roundly sound.
The missing donut hole is found,
The cultural seniority,
The dwindling majority.
Could it be one great white man
Can make America hope again?

I do not know. I am not wise.
I see through nobody’s disguise.
I only want my history,
My race, my nationality.
I only want a place that’s mine
To breathe and be with my own kind.
I only want what cannot be:
A world of real diversity.

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