The Coming Trump Assassination and Scalia Murder-Doug Hagmann Interviews Dave Hodges

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Doug Hagmann

Doug Hagmann

Doug Hagmann interviewed Dave Hodges on several critical issues including the following:


  1. The intent of the Department of Justice to arrest members of the Independent Media for covering issues related to what the government calls domestic terrorism (e.g. pro-Second Amendment, pro-Constitution, identifying criminality of the federal government and its officials, etc).
  2. The murder of Justice Scalia because of his opposition to Obama’s draconian climate change policies.
  3. The possibility of a military coup that will remove Obama from the Presidency.
  4. The coming civil war (UWEX 16).


This is a can’t miss interview. Please make this go viral as this interview could serve as a rallying cry to wake up Americans up from their slumber.

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Dave Hodges

Dave Hodges

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