It takes some strange doings for the news to say there’s insanity in Ireland, but now the day has finally come.


The New World Order plans to kill almost one quarter of a million of the country’s cattle.


These are not beef cattle, who would be killed anyway, but they are dairy cattle….


This is murderous insanity, which will drive farmers into bankruptcy as it destroys beautiful countryside, but the planners are trying to sell it as a long overdue humanitarian and environmental solution.


And that’s from me—a vegetarian!


Back when I planted the heirloom seeds in my garden, and I  bought yeast to go with the local berries, for my home-made wines, the European Union was working to shut down three thousand farms in the Netherlands.


I called it then, and I’m calling it now, while I encourage readers to take control of their food.


As the satanic enemy pretends to support the Earth, they are slaughtering its animals.


The World Wildlife Fund is only part of the fakery.


WWF is the big cause of the criminal stooge who is as fake a three-pound banknote.


It’s the German-Danish-Greek Overlord of the British Isles! 

King Charles pretends to love the Earth, but he is run by the satanic Rothschilds.


He grazes his sheep, and I don’t just mean on the crown lands of Dartmoor….


Look at his mother dressing up for the Irish….


The rapid global phaseout of animal agriculture does not mean helping animals, but it means an international mandate to kill the innocents who are kept as slaves.


The policy comes not only from the Tavistock Institute, from Belgium, and from Switzerland, but from the mind-control hub of Colorado.


They call it by the ironic name, Zero Waste, while a bunch of zeroes and wastes run it through the mind control programs of the United States Air Force.


Through not only Schriever but Lackland, the losers plan to attack the heart of our own cattle country.


It’s where my daddy used to work in agribusiness, as he moved among ranches all over the world.


He didn’t work for the good guys, but he could think for himself.


That’s more than I can say for some of the so-called professors.


The policy comes from the mind-control hubs of Stanford and Berkeley in the heart of Silicon Valley.


That’s where they’ve turned what used to be our greatest state, California, into a bunch of fruits, nutcakes, and eggheads.


Through MicroSoft, Bill Gates runs the show, as he works to control your so-called food, your so-called medicine, and your so-called access to information.


Monsanto-Bayer works to destroy small farmers, to destroy organic crops, and to destroy your own health, while a large portion of its stock is owned by the scumbag.


Don’t let it happen here.


Take a moment to write your congressperson to support our withdrawal from their globalist council.


It’s the United Nations.


Stop Agenda 2030.


They say they want to feed the hungry, and they say they want to save the planet.


And we hear the same from our government.


While they block the embedding of their own websites on the links above….


And I get this when I try to preview the article you are reading….


And they kill, and enslave, the free emblems of our country, wild horses and wild burros, on our public lands, to make way for cattle production.


Killing animals is the constant.


We’re next.


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  1. Timo, thank your for another great compilation and analysis. This comment of your says volumes:

    “The rapid global phaseout of animal agriculture does not mean helping animals, but it means an international mandate to kill the innocents who are kept as slaves.”

    I personally think that the wayward wizards are not interested so much in pushing the vegan diet or their GMO poisons with these preposterous control measures, but that they’re literally making BLOOD SACRIFICES — both of the suffering of these animals (from birth to slaughter) and the suffering of people who will be SO ANGRY that their luxurious addicting animal-flesh food is too expensive to afford (or is totally outlawed). Their anger will may provoke riots (next-level zombie apocalypse), looting, and all other manner of insane amygdala-spiking responses. And the bonkers backlash will not only be directed at government and corporations, but at local businesses and neighbors.

    The combination of addiction and entitlement is like wired-to-detonate nanothermite.

    I hope that I am wrong.


    1. Dear Shari–

      Good point, while, if I remember rightly, I first heard of reducing the carbon footprint by killing animals through you.

      If you can easily find it, can you post below whatever it was your sub-stack forwarded to me?

      (Or do I misremember something I read when I was drinking that home-made strawberry wine?)

      Otherwise, as to your interesting point about mass sacrifice, that makes an enormous amount of sense, while I would expect the sacrifices to occur on luciferian marker days.

      I hope that you and others will chime in below if you learn the dates of any mass killings of farm animals.

      Friendly regards,



      1. Hi Timo,

        I do not recall sending any specific article to you in which I mention reducing the carbon footprint by killing animals. I probably did mention it at least once or twice in my posts, but unfortunately, I don’t have time to comb through them all to find that needle!

        And sure, it could have been that strawberry wine, haha!

        I’ll do my best to stay apprised of mass killings and the dates. I agree that they will be coordinated on luciferian markers.

        I’m counting down the days to roadtrip departure, and will stay in touch as time permits!

        Be well, my friend.

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      2. The primary fermenters, which are glass, so I can see the sides and the action within, just moved past the lag at only ninety (90) minutes after I added the started yeast to the macerated cherry, sugar, well water, and lemon juice mixture. So I am watching the action in the gallon-size mason jars as bubbly yeasty globs (don’t know what they’re called) move up and down, saying wheeee, while chunks of the fruit on the bottom are slowly moving to the top to form the cap over the must. Blast-off!   


      3. Fun!

        Aren’t the cherries sweet enough without the added sugar? I guess maybe most people east of the Rockies like sweet wine instead of dry?

        I love the winemaking process!



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      4. Dear Shari–

        Actually, these are tart yellow cherries from Mount Rainier.

        But you may be right about sugar since I am learning as I go.

        The vintage reminds me of the trip my daughter and I took to the Evergreen State, which started when we flew in, playing a silly card game in our seats, when we got a perfect view of Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens from our port window.

        In Seattle, we lived high on the hog in our suite at the Four Seasons, slicing pieces from a famous coconut cake we bought at a local bakery, and riding the mono-rail to the children’s science museum and the Jimi Hendrix experience center, before we picked up our red Mini Cooper to travel in a big old loop–first down to the Grove of the Patriarchs, where we walked in the old growth, then on to Willows Lodge, where we strolled across the road to the first row of the concert at Chateau Ste. Michelle, where Ringo Starr pointed my daughter out right when he strutted on stage, then on to Friday Harbor, where we chartered a boat to find the J-Pod of resident orcas, and finally on to Kalaloch Lodge on the wild beaches of Olympic National Park, where Big Cedar Tree stood, still all together, and we looked at tidal pools full of strange creatures, along Beach Two, below Ruby Beach, while I drank much fancier Cabernet Sauvignon to wash down the chorizo sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, and cheddar cheese we had picked up at Pike Place and my daughter binged on cashews, dried apricots, and Henry Reinhard’s root beer we had picked up in Port Townsend.