The Epson Expression Premium XP-800; Say goodbye to every other printer

The Epson Expression XP-800 ; in a word,excellent. In two words, really cool. In three words, technologically advanced elegance. Now, you get the picture.

Ink Jet printers are a dime a dozen at retail chains across the country. You will see a dozen or more lined up in formation at any given time. Well whatever its position in the formation is, it is time to introduce you to a printer whose technological live may out last that of your computer; the Epson Expression XP-800 .

Un-boxing it was a simple pleasure. While a printer may be a printer, the surprise of the Epson Expression XP-800 was that it came with ALL of the ink cartridges to start up. They are not dwindled down ink cartridges either, but instead, the (Epson’s name) high capacity #273 XL cartridges. The other available cartridges are #273, standard capacity. This is almost unheard of, as most printers (from experience) require you to purchase ink separately, or they come with ½ or even ¼ filled cartridges. It is one less thing you need to worry about. In fact, per Epson and verified by the writer, it comes out of the box with the following:

  • One 273XL High-capacity Black Ink cartridge (T0273120)
  • One 273XL Cyan Ink cartridge (T0273XL220)
  • One 273XL Magenta Ink cartridge (T0273XL320)
  • One 273XL Yellow Ink cartridge (T0273XL420)
  • One 273XL Light Cyan Ink cartridge (T0273XL520)
  • One 273XL Light Magenta Ink cartridge (T0273XL620)
  • Set up and instruction manuals
  • CD-ROM containing drivers and creativity software (Windows® and Macintosh®)
  • 6′ Power cord
  • Free sample paper pack

It does not come with a USB cable, but that is industry standard.

Along with full ink cartridges, it comes with a very well written manual, and software of course. From un-boxing, to printing my first document , as well as sending and receiving my first FAX was 15 minutes. This included software installation and WiFi set up, as well as downloading the Epson iPrint app from the iTunes app store. It is also notable that while everything that you need is pretty much in the manual, there are great how too’s on Epsons’ website

This was tested on a Desktop PC and Laptop, running Windows 8 and 7 respectively, a laptop running Ubuntu 11 (linux) and a MacBook Air running Mountain Lion. Mobil printing was tested on an iPhone 4 running iOS 6x, and iPad 2 running the same, and an Android tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich.

Install was a breeze. The cd’s were needed only once (for the main desktop). I did not need a USB or NIC Cable as it detected my wireless network and immediately attached once I put in the password. Once that was done, the Windows 7 laptop and the Linux laptop was able to see it and pick it up fine. Over the network setup took less than a minute, including printing of test pages.

It prints on a variety of mediums, from plain paper, to heavy stock, to varying types of photo paper. It also prints on printable CD/DVD media, which in essence, is a money saver, since you don’t need CD labels any more.

It is a snap to use. Due to having card readers onboard, as well as a PICT Bridge input port, you don’t even need a pc to print your pictures, documents. The lcd panel also allows you to see what you are printing, as well as having set up and scan commands right there.

So how fast is it ? Well you may think it is a laser printer thanks to its speed. It boasts between 11 and 12 pages per minute, depending on color (b&w being quicker), but in testing, I printed a 10 page single spaced b&w document, and it did appear to take less than 1 minute. Color printing was as fast as advertised and impressive at that. The single cartridges (instead of the one rgb) really make your color projects jump out and say HI ! Envelope printing is negligible, it took more time to time it than it actually took to print. Also tested was the CD printing capability. Again, something amazing. No more labels ! The included CD tray came out for you to load and then took the CD under the jets. It looked like a professional had labeled the CD. Photo printing was the biggest pleasure of this printer. A 4×6 on ultra glossy paper took less than 15 seconds to print, and was pretty much dry as it exited. An 8×10 took about 25 seconds to print and was equally impressive for both color and speed.

One addition to this printer that was not seen in previous reviews here, is that Epson has included an auto sensing 30 page document feeder. This feeder can be used in both the faxing and scanning modes. In this case, it reminds me of a certain cooking device that boasted “Set it and forget it.” The device is so reliable that you can easily set it to scan/fax upto 30 pages and just walk away. It will be done. Through the document feeder, it can also do 2-sided as well.

As for faxing, the tests were simple. It faxed out and received in with no issues. Printing was automatic. It was tested with two VoIP services ,(Ooma and Vonage) and had no issues or drop offs. In otherwords, don’t pay the phone company for a new line, simply get one of these services, as it will save you a great deal of money.

The last test was with the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 2G. After I downloaded the Epson iPrint app from the app store, it took less than one minute from install to printing my first picture. This is crucial, as there are many 3rd party useless printer solutions that just won’t work. So now, not only do you have a printer that will work with multiple OS’s, but it includes iOS devices as well.

As said in the first sentence; “The Epson Expression XP-800 ; in a word,excellent. In two words, really cool. In three words, technologically advanced elegance..” It is truly a tremendous printer, and quite possibly the only one you will ever need due to it’s crossing many platforms for true compatibility. Learn more at or head on over to for a great deal.

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