‘The Face’ episode 7: ‘Finding the Face… The Finale’ (Photos)

Welcome back to the final week of “The Face.” It’s been six long weeks of challenges, photo shoots, video shoots, and of course weekly test shoots. We started with three teams of four girls a piece, each mentored by one of the supermodels; Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha, Now we are down to just four girls; ZiLin from Team Naomi, Ebony and Devyn from Team Karolina, and Margaux, from Team Coco. This week, one of them will become the face of ULTA Beauty.

The episode begins with Ebony and Devyn getting ready for the week’s test shoot. They are the final two girls on Team Karolina, and even though they are friends, they also know it’s a competition, and as Devyn says, “I’m gonna bring it times two.”

In another room, ZiLin and Margaux are chatting. ZiLin says that when she came there, she had wrinkles and pimples. She believes that Margaux is her biggest competition. Margaux thinks that she’s got it all. She’s got the experience and her knowledge from Coco, and she’s in it to win it.

The girls meet with Nigel in a studio with a runway, and the girls can’t wait to finish this week and find out who will win “The Face.” Nigel introduces Carrie Laman and Molly Slopes from ULTA Beautyl. They will be the final judges on who will be the face of their brand.

Nigel tells the girls they’ve been tested in all facets of modeling, from photo shoots to runway, from video commercials to the red carpet. Now, they’ll have to go through three final challenges. First, they’ll go to the ULTA store, where they’ll interact with actual customers, then they’ll have beauty shots taken of them, and finally, they’ll walk the runway along with their supermodel coaches. But, then Nigel throws in the kicker. Not ALL of them will make it to the final runway. Only three will walk the runway. At this news, Devyn starts having breathing problems, which escalate into a full blown panic attack. She walks away and goes to sit on the floor trying to catch her breath. Nigel calls for a medic and follows. After a short while, Devyn regains her composure and can stand up and continue.

With Devyn back under control, they line up in front of Nigel once more and he tells them that it’s important to know all about the products, and they’ll get a crash course in the products from Chrishaun. She tells them about the various products, and the girls ask some questions on how to use certain products.

Each of the girls get a chance to talk with customers about products that they might want to buy. The ULTA rep says it’s important that they can interact well with people, as she’ll be taking them on trips where they’ll have to talk to people about the products. Devyn and Ebony are first on the floor.

Devyn feels confident working with the people, as she works in retail. Ebony is more nervous, but she’s a preschool teacher, so she talks with parents, and reveals what she knows, so she feels this will be a benefit for her.

Next, we see ZiLin and Margaux get their chance to interact with customers. ZiLin talks with one girl about lip gloss. She realizes that last week, she had a problem knowing what color ULTA eye shadow she was wearing, so she wants to make a good impression. She feels that even though English is her second language, she doesn’t have a problem communicating. Margaux is more shy, so she has a bit more of a problem. When asked by the customer what the brushes are made of, Margaux says that she doesn’t know.

After their stint in the ULTA shop, the girls are made up for their beauty shots. Dushan Belguim is the photographer. Each of the girls takes their shot, and Carrie, the ULTA rep watches. ZiLin is first, and Carrie is liking her shots.

Ebony is second. When she starts her shoot, she has a bit of a problem getting the right type of shot. Carrie isn’t very impressed at first, but eventually she starts hitting the mark.

Devyn is the third to shoot. Nearly all of her shots are usable. She hit it out of the park.

The last to shoot is Margaux. Carrie is loving the shots that are taken.

Now, Carrie has to go over her thoughts with the supermodels and Nigel. First she talks about the girls’ experience in the ULTA store, talking with customers.

Carrie says that even though ZiLin’s English isn’t the best, her personality really shone, and she would have bought the store from her. She thought Devyn did well, but she wasn’t quite as engaging with the customers as the other girls were. Carrie thought that Ebony was very good with the customers, giving them pointers and really interacting. Carrie thought that Margaux seemed a bit shy, and she was disappointed that Margaux told a customer she didn’t know about a brush, when maybe she could have said that she would find out for the customer.

Next, they discuss the photo shoots. Carrie thinks that Ebony looks very “girl next door.” Carrie remarks that she thinks Ebony took a bit longer getting to her shot than the others did.

Molly said that Margaux has an incredible connection with the camera. She’s really striking, but Molly thinks that maybe Margaux isn’t as versatile as the other models.

Molly loves ZiLin’s look, saying she is stunning and versatile, and she looks ageless.

Molly says that Devyn has a gaze that just goes right into her eyes, and she is very striking. She is soft, yet portrays a strong, independent woman.

The girls all meet with Nigel, the ULTA reps and their supermodel mentors. Nigel tells them that one of them will not be walking in the upcoming Zac Posen show. The girls that will walk in the show are ZiLin, Devyn, and Margaux. Ebony is eliminated.

Now, the top three get made up and ready for the final runway. First Karolina walks the runway, then Coco, and lastly Naomi. Then, it’s time for the three contestants to walk. Devyn is first, then Margaux, then lastly ZiLin.

After the show, each of the girls once more stand on the runway (ala Project Runway) along with their mentor supermodels.

And the new face of ULTA Beauty is… Devyn.

Thanks for reading. I hope that this is just the first season of “The Face,” and that they’ll be back again next year.

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