The Great Donald J. Trump NAILS IT


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Tonight Donald J. Trump gave his acceptance speech at the Republican national convention in Cleveland, Ohio and he totally knocked it out of the park!

hillary crying insetAfter last night’s backstabbing by dirty rat Lyin’ Ted not fully endorsing Trump unequivocally and the continuous media regurgitation of Melania’s speech having an accidental few words from Michelle Obama speech back in 2008, the Donald goes onstage to blow everyone away.

I bet the Shillary Clintorious is now crying the blues as we speak. Her leftist ambitions of power and control over the great United States of America are all but over!

The Donald’s long time friend, a business man named Tom Barrack, did a great off-the-cuff speech earlier in the evening telling stories of the Donald as a younger man. I suggest you go to Youtube, find it and watch it. Once you do, you will definitely vote Trump — maybe even quit your job and go work for the Trump campaign for free.

Trump is definitely a breath of fresh air in politics. But he’s more than that — he’s the real deal, a bona fide true patriot and leader. Only someone with his kind of money could possibly get to where he’s at now. Let’s take advantage of it: He might be the last chance America has to really fix things. Hillary Clinton is a complete lying joke.

Trump came on right after Ivanka did a great speech and immediately got right to it. Calling himself the law and order candidate, he promised to put a stop to rising crime and chaos in our communities. He listed out all the litany of Mideast troubles Hillary and Obongo have brought to America and the world over the last 8 years. He reiterated the need to reign in illegal immigration, but fully reached out to blacks, Latinos, even the homos. He promised to bring back manufacturing and rewrite the rip-off globalist trade deals. He promised to help out the young with the usurious student loans. He fully reached out to Bernie Sanders voters by pointing out the elites ripping us off with the rigged system that screwed up his campaign.

His delivery was strong and magnificent. Trump is a true leader.

Oh God, the leftys on CNN and the media had immediate onscreen fits right after because it was so good. The media in this country is totally biased. I know, I know that everybody sees it besides little old me, but tonight it verged on the ridiculous. They have to find something to trash Trump. It’s so obvious.

They kept saying Trump didn’t give enough specifics. That’s a total lie, Trump mentioned lots of things he was going to do. He talked about enforcing trade agreements and stopping China stealing intellectual property and currency manipulation. He talked about fixing the wording in a LBJ amendment that prevented pastors from speaking their minds. He talked about all kinds of necessary things that need to get done.

Van Jones said Ivanka gave a better speech (a safe statement since Ivanka is not running) and that Trump painted a “Mad Max” America. That’s what the lying media punks are going to do everywhere — say Trump’s speech was dark and ominous. Total BS — things indeed are effed the hell up and getting worse by the day. Hell, everyone knows it.

Sitting to his right was Ana Navarro — a squat little Latino toad with a retarded little kid’s voice. She went practically apoplectic with her unvarnished hate for Trump. And Navarro is supposed to be a republican! My ass. She started lying and saying she was getting tweets coming in from everywhere saying the speech was all hateful and terrible. She is a completely unprofessional media talking head.

I’m going to write something here to fully address the business with Latinos that explains the whole situation. Little Miss Navarro needs to STFU and move her fat midget tushie right on down to Tijuana. Maybe she’ll like it better down there living with the drug Cartels. Man, I can’t stand that Ana Navarro little bitch!

Donald and Melania Trump at the RNC 2016
Der Fuehrer with his lovely wife at the first night of the convention. Over the last couple of days, the lousy Hillary/Obama-loving media treated her like a dog with constant accusations of plagiarism. Even ABC “World News Tonight” at the dinner time news hour today did yet another side-by-side screen comparisons to drive home the story to a long-manipulated Goyim electorate. I’m sick of the BS!

All the traitor leftys in the media are going crazy with hate for Trump. Why? Because Trump was so good.

I know people coming to my site reject any of this political business and think Trump is a plant, or at least in too far into the Jewish camp. I wished I could say they were full of bull caca but I can’t. Yet I hope against hope the Trumpster is different enough to reign in the “PC” anti-White crap. Plus, we got to stop Hillary no matter what.

All that fear-mongering over Hillary Clinton getting elected is 100% real. We cannot allow that creep in office. Like I’ve said before: Hillary as president will be the “double tap” to kill America after 8 long years of Obongo boy. “Double tap” refers to Special Forces combat people putting two rounds right into the target’s head to ensure the bastard will not do a Frankenstein — coming back to life to shoot one of your bros in the back.

Hillary Clinton will be worse than Obongo boy, even though she’s White. That’s the sad part.

Then they acted like Trump committed murder for simply retweeting a stupid little graphic comparing his wife with Lying Ted's. Because of feminism, they love to get women torqued up when possible. (INCOG)

Teddy Boy Cruz evidently thinks he’s going to do a Frankenstein, coming back to life in 4 years, should Trump lose the election. He gave the excuse of Trump re-tweeting a graphic showing his wife Heidi looking all ugly as compared to beautiful Melania. Oh boohoo.

Cruz himself has done some dirty tricks, too. He tried to ruin that black guy, Dr. Ben Carson, by putting out phony voter registration cards saying Carson dropped out of the campaign. A lezbo at one of his “Super PACS” put out a graphic to the Mormons inferring his wife, Melania, as a cheap little strumpet by showing a GQ fashion shoot photo of her naked on a fur rug on Trump’s plane. It backfired when everyone saw right through it.

I thought it was hilarious that Heidi had to get quickly hustled out of the arena with the crowd yelling “Goldman Sachs” at her, when they realized her husband was not going to endorse Trump on stage and had broken his pledge. The media only reported the crowd was yelling “Trump.” Yeah, we all know the rats don’t like talking about anything to do with Jew banking.

Over the last day, CNN went on and on and on about Trump saying something about re-evaluating defending NATO allies like it was such a big deal. Trump’s just playing his cards close to his chest so the cheap bastards don’t think they can get away with us Americans riding to their rescue without paying their fair share in the meantime. INFO STORMER has the story straight.

This is all part of the Globalist Jew NWO bull crapola. Trust me. The hypocrite liberals know the geopolitical line they must toe. The trouble is, we got the patriot morons getting sucked into that line, too. Oh, it’s pretty clever, alright.

HILLARY CLINTON WITH SAUL ALINSKYBen Carson’s story is absolutely true. I’ve seen the book and you can read some of the fawning letters Hillary sent him. Go HERE. It also appears she met him when she was living in Berkeley, California (how appropriate). Hillary Clinton has long been a giant commie, lefty rat!

Dr. Ben Carson said something about Hillary during his speech the other night that had the news traitors visibly crapping their pants on screen. CNN’s (((David Axelrod))) reacted noticeably. Carson told about Hillary being a big fan of (((Saul Alinsky))), writing him fawning letters, referring to earlier discussions etc., etc. Alinsky wrote a book called “Rules for Radicals” where he dedicated his book to Lucifer — printed right in the frontispiece. The TV talking heads acted like this was all nothing but conspiracy theory. But guess what? Everything Carson said was 100% true.

Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to find out Hillary was the creepy head witch in some satanic, Jew-financed coven based out in the countryside of New York — like the one where Tom Cruise gate-crashed in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut.” Makes you wonder why the director, (((Stanley Kubrick))), happened to die two weeks after he released it, huh?

I once wrote a piece here about the media creeps ramping up the Nazi comparison with Trump to new heights. Oh boy, it’s going to get crazy with even more. Way more. We should embrace the Nazi angle in a humorous fashion, because so many are getting so sick of this never-ending Jewish/PC BS. More and more Whites awaken everyday to their line of lying. Already people think the holocaust is big lie.

So, get out there and push “The Donald” everywhere you can. Tell ’em the INCOG MAN sent you!



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