The Hollywood Props and Prop Stars of the Paris France Concert Shooting Hoax

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The Hollywood Props and Props Stars of the Paris France Concert Shooting Hoax

Throughout the arch-Zionist Hollywood-style Paris concert shooting hoax a number of proofs can be determined regarding the nature of the scam. These proofs are in the form of evidences of acting and staging, complete with a prop-like elements, as are seen in Hollywood-based movies.

One of the most obvious props, as pointed out by a number of videographers (Russianvids and others), is the use of a harness for the movie-style acting element, the Poor Haired Frightened Maiden Hanging from the Window Cliff Scene. This scene occurs in the alleyway behind the theater. Moreover, it can be no coincidence that a journalist from the always Islamophobic LeMonde news journal was on-site capturing the imagery. Now, this is proof of criminal Hollywood-based (or its European derivative) elements in action.


In this screen capture from the LeMonde video the strap of the device can be clearly seen above the woman’s hands. This is rather than a frightened, vulnerable woman escaping rampaging Muslim terrorists merely a hoaxer, rather, a stunt woman playing out an act. She is likely a professional in this field. Who can demonstrate otherwise? The purpose of this, though, was highly significant. It was to create a shock effect in the mind. It was to create a sense of realism, that is “How in the world could this be faked? This must be real. Look at that poor woman hanging on for dear life.”


He hands at this point are virtually floating away from any overhanging. In fact, she is grasping the Hollywood-style harness. This is hard proof of staging. No one can prove otherwise.

There were other props used in this staging element, including living ones. Who in the world stripped that man down? Why would anyone do so, while leaving him to lay on the pavement, leaving him do bleed out without any hope for rescue? It can only be explained as a case for staging, for the fact that this is a fraud, that it is nothing other than a drill.


As pointed out by the arrow, obviously the man has been painted with a wide moulage brush, his back coated in water-soluble reddish paint. There is no need to take him down to his underwear, other than the fact that this is shock value. Another arrow points out how the red matter was merely poured out against the curb in rather large quantities and bears no reference to any possible wounded people suffering from blood loss. Notice what appear to be white bar marks on the pavement. Could these be a kind of guide for the staging procedure, demonstrating just where the hoaxing individuals must lie?

It is, after all, Mossad’s world. That greedy, arch-vile clique can fake all manner of terror attacks, while blaming these on Islamic people. The world will buy it. Inherently, people believe that somehow Islaam inherently breeds violence.  It is categorically the opposite, although as a result of the vile lies of the Zionists no one has any idea of this fact.

The men in black, the so-called SWAT teams, are also prop stars. See them run away for effect after the pyrotechnic charge was unleashed:

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 8.14.27 AM

Make no mistake about it this is precisely what this is, a mere magnesium and other salt charge, detonated just at the right moment or shot in at that moment to mimic an attack by wild-eyed terrorists.


This prop-star runs backwards at the mere thought of engaging in a pitched battle with those fearless Muslim fundamentalist (sarcasm).


What about this prop star? What is it? It is a dummy in a suit. By no means is this a deceased human:


Notice how deflated, how flat, is that arm and hand and also notice the massive size of the hand. What an arch-fake it is, set-up upon this world by criminal arch-Zionist minds.


Massive hands and massive feet, these are typical of Hollywood-style stage prop dummies. Moreover, there can be no doubt about the fact that these are stage props. No one can dispute it. Even so, no wonder they blocked out the images of the entities in the midst of the theater floor. The pro-Zionist elements got sloppy. They failed to block this one out.

During the video graphic phase, during the phase at night when much video capturing was done by the Zionists and their collaborators, there were endless prop stars to be seen, such as this woman, as follows:


They grit their teeth and open their mouths, wide. How does that relate to an actual gunshot wound?

There were such crisis actor/prop stars to be seen at all levels, at all the “seven” different hoax bombing and attack sites, you know, at those coordinated attack facilities.


Hoax index: billions upon billions of percent.

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