The Jewish State is an embarrassment to its original humanist endeavour and to humanity in general

Gilad Atzmon writes:

Zionism promised to solve the Jewish problem. It vowed to fix diaspora Jews by means of a “homecoming”, to make them loved, empathic and bond them to the soil – in essence, to make them “a people like all other people”.

The horrific scenes flooding in from Gaza recently demonstrate that Zionism has failed miserably. The Jewish State is an embarrassment to its original humanist endeavour and to humanity in general.

In just one day, at least 43 Palestinian protesters were killed and 2,200 wounded by Israeli troops at the Gaza border. Some reports suggest that half of the injuries were caused by live ammunition. This is devastating news. The criminality of Israel is institutional. This is not about one odd sniper who laughs as he shoots a young Palestinian in the knee, crippling him for life. Israel is displaying a systematic, hierarchic, murderous apparatus designed to sustain the oppression of the indigenous people of the land indefinitely.

Despite the Zionist dream, the Jewish State isn’t loved by its neighbours. It isn’t loved by the rest of the world either. In fact, Israel’s actions evoke global revulsion. Instead of solving the Jewish problem, Zionism has only relocated the problem and amplified the symptoms it vowed to eliminate.

The truth can be a disturbing notion. No matter how much you try to suppress it, the truth manages to come out. Accordingly, it is impossible to grasp the history of Jewish suffering without taking into consideration the atrocious actions of the Jewish State. As it happens, Israeli politics is driven by a complete dismissal of “the other”. The Israeli military operation in Gaza is simply a licence to murder. One would hope that a state that names itself the Jewish State would be slightly more vigilant with its excessive use of power.

By now I believe that Israel is going to be remembered as the darkest chapter in Jewish history and beyond.

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