The Jews – We shall be our own Messiah


“And the serpent said… Ye shall not surely die… Ye shall be as gods; knowing good and evil.”

— Genesis 3


“The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah… Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled…”

— Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx,  reprinted in La Revue de Paris, p. 574 June 1, 1928


by texe marrs

I visited a so-called “Christian” bookstore recently for the first time in years. But “Christian” it was not! Everywhere were signs of Judaism and of a poisonous form of Judeo-Christianity.


I was especially interested in the many books warning of the antichrist to come—the evil man with the prophetic identification number 666. It seems in vogue to claim that this man will be a Moslem. The books say that he will lead the Moslem hordes in killing Christians throughout the world. He shall be the Islamic antichrist. Allah is his “God,” and Mohammed is his prophet.


Now the Jews must get a real kick out of seeing gullible “Christians” so easily deceived. These silly notions of an Arab antichrist are, in fact, being promoted these days by Jewish rabbis who, privately, laugh and hee-haw.

Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star

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Let me let you in on a big, big OPEN secret. It is a secret published widely by our Lord Jesus Christ who clearly is not impressed over the Arab future to come. This secret involves yet another group we are to watch, a terrible, inhuman, cruel sect He calls the “Synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9).

The Jews and Their Messiah

Now the Jews would not be caught dead (excuse the pun) in an Islamic mosque. But the synagogue? Oh, yeah, that’s their exclusive bailiwick. Their Messiah—not Jesus, but the Jews’ Messiah—will reign and teach in the synagogue. The book of Revelation tells us about this abominable place of worship. The Jewish Messiah, according to the top rabbis, will not be an independent, external deity. He will merely represent them as king.

The Jews are The Chosen—they are confident they shall be their own Messiah.


This I discovered in investigating the New Age movement, which is, in fact, a satanic movement authored by the Jews. When the Jews speak of “God,” they refer to themselves.

Oh sure, Messiah shall come, they teach. He will be the new “Moses,” the Davidic seed. But like Moses, like King David, he will not be God, but will, rather, serve God.

And who is God but the Jews themselves? The Jewish Messiah/king will be like all the Jews. They are collectively divine beings, gods on earth. He will be one of them: a god among gods.

The Jews as Collective Messiah—A Collection of Jewish Divine “Sparks”


Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsbergh, author of What You Need to Know About the Kabbalah, points to the doctrine of Ba’al Shem Tov, the most famous rabbinical authority, who taught of the “immanent omnipresence of the almighty, which implies a unique equivalence between God and Creation.” Ginsbergh says this equivalence means that, “God is all and all is God.”

According to Ginsbergh, the Shekinah presence, a divine spark or energy force, is found only in spiritually advanced Jews. God is an “aggregate,” or combination of these sparks, and the Messiah is made up of the divine sparks, the sanctified elite. These divine beings collectively shall usher in the Messianic Age.

Rabbi David Cooper explains further that the “coming of Messiah” is actually the “coming of messianic consciousness.” Men who become divine realize their divinity and become fully conscious.

Planet of God—Paradise on Earth?


The “Planet of God,” a concept of Robert Mueller, former administrative head at the United Nations, is achieved when this Messianic Age is created. An elite of super-souls, conscious god-men, shall rule and reign. There is no single “God.” As Nietsche informed us, the “Super Men” shall rule.

Billy Phillips, teacher at, says that in the Zohar, a book of the Kabbalah, we discover that the Messianic Age will result in Jews being their own Messiah:

“Kabbalah explains that when the new reality arrives our planet will change its physical dimension, enlarging… The borders of the land of Israel will extend and include the entire planet and all people.

However, the Messiah arrives only when individual people achieve a personal state of Messiah within themselves. Once a critical mass and specific threshold of people achieve this personal, individual state, only then will the global Messiah appear as a seal and not a savior.

The Messiah is a seal that confirms that we, the people, have achieved true transformation of our own nature, and turn the planet.

After this state of Messiah is achieved, there will be one thousand years of paradise on earth, according to Kabbalah… That is the true Super Earth.”

Serve the Jews, or Be Beheaded

Ah yes, a super Earth, with super “Masters,” will mean paradise, or Utopia, for all mankind. Well, not all mankind, but all who worship and serve their Jewish overlords. Others will be summarily executed, beheaded, says the Talmud.

So, the Jews point to a “God,” but theirs is a collective “God”—the Jews of the world. They alone are the divine god-men recognized by the Kabbalah and Talmud. The Gentiles, an inferior species, will be grouped under the Jews and will serve them. Those who refuse or are not fit shall be killed. That is the cabalistic law.


“The Messianic Age will be marked by the triumph of Jewish exclusiveness, in which the reign of justice means the strict observance of the Law of Yahweh… in a word, Jewish law…

The nations will be converted to Judaism and obey the law or else they will be destroyed and the Jews will be masters of the world.” (La Vérite Israelite, vol. V, p.74, France)

The Serpent Shall Ascend: Ordo Ab Chao


The Jews, then, will be their own Messiah. The Kabbalah tells us that Jews shall rise from the depths of the abyss. First, the goddess Malkut, then her phallic consort, Hesod, shall elevate them upwards, toward the Crown of Life. Along the way, the Serpent shall watch over and guide the Jews. The Serpent is their symbol, providing chaos and destruction of the world of the Gentiles. From this chaos and destruction comes, finally, order. Order Out of Chaos.

This is why the Jews, including today’s top rabbis and leaders like Netanyahu, have convinced themselves of the usefulness of nuclear bombs. Before Israel falls as a nation, she intends to resort to the “Samson Option” —the Jews will unleash their nuclear bombs on targets. Those targeted include the Arabs, European and Russian capitals, and the United States of America. Out of the ashes shall come the rising, magnificent Phoenix bird, Israel.

So the Jews today are ever busy attacking and killing innocent Palestinians. Their Mossad ruthlessly operates throughout the Middle East. The Jews have provoked wars in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and elsewhere. They even poke sticks in the eyes of the Russian Bear, engineering a coup in Ukraine and stirring up trouble in nearby Georgia.

The mad Jews are convinced that the world’s greatest bully and superpower, the U.S.A., will defend them against all comers, and if not, their own nuclear arsenal will suffice. Their war-like acts prove they are demonically insane, and very close to their own destruction.

The Jews Are Demonically Insane


Let’s face it. Any people, or race, or nation, that looks in the mirror and arrogantly proclaims, “I am Chosen… I am God… I am my own Messiah… All others are mere beasts” is, by definition, insane. God promised He would drive such prideful men insane, and He has done so.

And all who support this narcissistic garbage have, themselves, become wildly insane. They have, in fact, fallen into a profoundly, intoxicating Mystery of Iniquity, a terrible revolt against God and His true Kingdom. Christian Zionist, that means you!

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