The Khazarian Cabal Created This Crazy Aussie Clusterf*ck To Beta Test It……..

…Before Duplicating It In Every Other Country On Earth


From Jim Stone:

Hey Doc, you had better inject this shit or we will suspend your license and possibly even throw you in jail. Don’t talk bad about the shot or the same will happen too. By the way, you have to warn everyone you inject that the shots will destroy them, but do it in a nice way or you are toast, better yet, forget it. OOPS, THEY ARE ALL SCREWED OVER NOW, AND YOU WILL BE SUED OUT OF EXISTENCE for going along with what we forced you to do, after all, you could have quit being a doctor and you showed your support for our genocide by not leaving the medical profession.

Remember, Pfizer and others announced the flu shots would be MRNA from now on.

Because they got away with the Covid shots. Nobody killed them for it. No one killed them because we should “work within the system”, “violence is wrong” and the elections are rigged. They should all get the chair and won’t even get the shotgun, people are now too mind wiped to say “screw the system” and just do the right thing. We will all go down like lemmings.


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