The MKUltra Genocide: Dr. Hubertus Strughold, Nazi Torture Scientist at Dachau Worked At UVM Conducting Torture Research For the Air Force & Murdered THOUSANDS-Records in This Book

Page 225 of This Book Which the CIA and Dept. of Defense ARDENTLY want to cover up. Furthermore the Notorious Dr. Strughold is personally responsible for not only THOUSANDS of Deaths in Nazi Germany But Thousands more Deaths HERE.

Page 238 Mentions Hormone Therapy meaning using Hormones for their behavioral research. Many of CIA top doctors such as Ewen Cameron agreed to terminal experiments; in other words torturing these people to Death. Kevin Annett has written about piles of bodies located on the grounds of Ewen Camerons’ hospital. All hidden from the public as Canada’s gov’t as well as the U.S. gov’t endorsed, funded, and kept from scrutiny these mad scientist, sadistic projects. Deaths page 263 and 264.

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