The National Theatre of Scotland Has Banned the Word “Spooky” Because It’s Supposedly “Racist”

I recently reported on a school district in Seattle that has banned Halloween so as not to offend black boys.

Now the anti-Whites are banning the word “spooky” so that no Black people are possibly offended by its terrible racist past, which they almost certainly knew nothing about. No one even complained about the word, but the National Theatre of Scotland had to go out of its way to be ahead of the curve on anti-racism anti-Whitism.

From RT:

A source at the Scottish theatre told the Daily Record that no one has complained about the term “spooky” but they were concerned the word could become problematic in the future.

“There’s been a lot of training and meetings since the [Black Lives Matter] movement and how [National Theatre Scotland] should change,” the source added.

We were told how White people need to change, so let’s change our language and throw “spooky” down the memory hole. This will lead to a world with less hate!

Staff said that the word had been flagged as a racist slur bandied about during the Second World War. American servicemen used “spooky” to refer to black pilots and the word has been controversial in the US as a result.

Even if the word was once used in a derogatory way by a couple of people, no one has been using “spooky” to demean blacks in the past 70+ years.

Does anyone think we should ban the word “cracker” because it’s still used to denigrate White people?

You know, this is getting me thinking. I do not like how ghosts are always portrayed as being white, as if anything supernatural is white. We need to ban white ghosts! I am sick of these little children running around looking like little klansmen in their bed sheets!

Honestly, if things continue on their current trajectory, soon you will have to say “have a festive fall” instead of “Happy Halloween” and displaying a jack-o-lantern will get you investigated for being a domestic extremist.

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