The Nature of Evil

Life sure is a mystery and sometimes you wonder who it truly is that seems to be analyzing this life and discovering elements of it. Are we doing it with our intelligent minds? Are we seeking out new information, creating new databases, advancing technologically – or is life itself adapting to us and attempting to figure us out, every move we make, every risk we take?

One thing is for sure – everything is reacting to the action of something else. Our Solar system functions by that very law. The Laws of Nature follow it as well. Your body can’t go against it. You run and resistance strikes you the very same moment you begin. Everything is attempting to exhaust you, to stop you. Friction arises. Everything is a struggle of Willpower and the Will to Survive and keep on going no matter what it takes.

Those who have the Will and the required Mindset will succeed, even though their success may be of a short Nature and even though it may soon be forgotten. Perhaps we also cry when we are born because, in that very same moment, we sub-consciously realize that we will die one day. Perhaps we know such information at that moment because we are still in tune with the facts of this realm and its reality. We know that there can’t be a force without a counter-force.

We realize that there can’t be a life without death.

I wonder often, just like many of you probably have done, why it is so difficult to follow the righteous path of goodness. Of justice. Of being that ideal of Good, of feeling it, of knowing it. That search for Knowledge, Truth, Wisdom, the unlocking of the Mysteries of Life. I wonder about it every day of my life. I wonder, because I have chosen to live. And to live is to Create. Whether that be a new thought, a new idea, a new machine, innovation, technological advancement, philosophy, art. But, create we do – it is in our Nature, it is in our Genetics, it is who and what we are.

And I wonder often, whether or not it is us who are uncovering more Evil as we progress, or whether this Evil has fallen out of some kind of Pandora’s Box. I wonder if that Evil is a side effect of the Good we seek out. Alas, you cannot know the Good if you haven’t seen the Bad in something. Evil is, by its very definition part of Good. Now, why is that so?

In comparison to all other forces of Nature, one concludes that Evil and Good can’t be any different either. Everything wishes to stop you, to prevent you from keeping on going. Only in absolute balance does one manage to hide himself from this supposed game – but, then again – you had to get to know both good and evil in order to get into balance in the first place. Therefore, you can continue this game as long as you manage to counter the evil that arises effectively.

Every Good thing we do is going to be challenged by Evil. That Evil will arise in various shapes and forms. It has manifested in the Jews primarily and is spreading itself throughout various diseases of the Mind, Body and Soul over the entire planet. It wishes to annihilate the White race because it is the Source of Good, of Advancement, of the Struggle of Life.

There is a simple explanation to Evil – it wishes to harvest what the good has done. It wishes to live off of its riches, its knowledge, sometimes even its wisdom. But, the Nature of Evil seems to elude itself – for its only purpose of existence is to stop Good – and with Good gone, it will also be gone. Evil, from its own perspective, sees Good as an anomaly of life – something that shouldn’t exist. A cancer, even. Death is around and behind every corner they say – and once it is there, it is meaningless. Death and Evil were therefore something we didn’t fear in the past; we understood and knew their Nature. We laughed at it, we laughed at evil – because we realized how foolish its existence was.

A good deed, man or idea becomes better. From better it goes grander. From grand to magnificent. From magnificent to excellent. From excellent perhaps even divine. Who knows how far we could go? Who knows what paths lie before us, if we are willing, courageous and strong enough to take them?

Therefore, Evil will always be there. You can’t avoid it. It manifests itself in all the Jews. It manifests itself in all the parasites and viruses that wish to feed off of you. That wish to be equal to you – and that equality is the very death of good – for, equalizing good and death is the end of good, and ironically with it – the end of evil. They wish to copy Good without being Good themselves. They wish to harvest its riches, without understanding it. Being Good and remaining Good is a never-ending struggle. It is the struggle of becoming excellent while maintaining it and fighting off everything that wishes to see it dead and gone.

And, Evil is winning nowadays. There is also one good reason for it. One crucial thing happened in our past that has entirely allowed Evil to win, proceed in spreading itself – to consume us. One single sentence was spoken and accepted as holy within an ideology that had risen out from the very Evil that wishes to see everything Good gone.

It was as if someone told a mountain climber to stop climbing at the middle of the path – to just drop himself into the abyss. It was as if someone told Nikola Tesla to give up on his research, that it is meaningless. It was as if someone told the Ancient Egyptians to stop building their pyramids and never mummify themselves so that one day we couldn’t perform any DNA analysis of them. It was as if someone told you that your very existence was a Sin. It was as if someone told you, stop looking at the stars!, for there is nothing out there. Stop struggling, give up. It is as if someone is trying to thrust a knife through your heart while whispering in your ear to stop resisting it. That one sentence was :

Resist not Evil

Three words. Some might still believe very strongly that “believing” in Jesus will somehow save them. Yet, rarely do they understand the mental game being played by Evil here. Let us assume that Jews accepted the words of Jesus and resisted not Evil. That would mean that they wouldn’t resist us (as they regard us as Evil). And, when you explain it as such, it makes sense even to the most brain dead among the Christcucks. But afterwards, they just can’t grasp the following concept :

Since Jews rejected these suicidal messages of Jesus and then gave them to us, we are now in the shit and therefore we are not resisting the true Evil – them.

If you wish to convince yourself that Jesus wasn’t a con game from the very beginning, an invention of the Jew – if you wish to believe that he was divinely sent to stop the Jews – then you should realize that his message is a deadly poison that was intended to destroy them. Following his words therefore, is poison – no matter on whom it is applied.

Alas, all you really should know is that, just like the entire Bible, all of it is a very well written Jewish trick of the mind. They spin the news every day. They lie 24 hours a day through the Media, through Television, through Radio, through Websites. They assume the roles of both the supposed Good and the Bad guys. They control both oppositions. What in your Mind is dead and gone that keeps convincing you that the Biblethe very first Jewish media – is any different in its Nature?

All the nonsense of accepting fatness, faggotry, pedophilia, necrophilia, race-mixing, equality, the death of beauty and art… everything is the work of Evil upon our Societies, attempting to slowly destroy us through various angles and ways. But as time progresses and they achieve more and more victories, their message will be becoming more and more clear – even to the sheeple-minded. Because, at one point in time, they will have to truly express their Will and its Intention – the Intent to annihilate us.

Our struggle has often been symbolized by the age old Torchlight, by the Will to keep a Fire alive against all the odds of life and its environment. To carry that light and that flame within us, within our people, our Volk, our Race. It is time to pick up that Light again and to let darkness know that we aren’t going to be consumed by it. That there still is Life within us and the Will to resist any and all attempts of extinguishing it.


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