The Noose Cares Not Why The Rothschild’s Minion Did Treason Against America

The noose cares not why the Rothschild’s minion did treason against Humanity-
Cares not why the evil one sold their soul to be possessed by demons leading to criminal insanity-

Whether for 30 shekels, fleeting fame, perceived power or threats against one’s earthly body to be done-
Threats against family members if the minion turns not on humanity, the noose cares not for these excuses one-

If the minion is too intellectually or spiritually blind to see the truth of their cowardly evil against others-
The noose cares not why the minion sold out to do war against humanities hope and love, children’s mothers-

One so ball-less they sell humanity out for perceived safety or self gain-
One too stupid to embrace the truth and fight evil the noose will not spare the pain-

Of choking, fighting for breath as their neck snaps and they shit their pants while dangling on a rope-
Nay whether a street urchin, a political whore or a pedophilic hypocritical Satan serving pope-

The noose is impartial, it just serves the Creator God’s will-
Choking the life out of evil fucks until their are carrion dangling quite still-

The Ole Dog!


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