The Only Thing Q Anon (Likely CIA) Has Proven to Me is That Donald Trump Is Not & Will Not Be “Our Savior”

Followers of QAnon also believe that there is an imminent event known as the “Storm”, when thousands of members of the cabal will be arrested and possibly sent to Guantanamo Bay prison or to face military tribunals, and the U.S. military will brutally take over the country.[9] The result will be salvation and utopia on earth.[67] According to ADL, another component is a prophesized period of unrest that will correspond to The Storm, which has led to vivid speculation about any news story or event referencing ten days. When Trump contracted COVID-19, it was speculated that he needed to quarantine for ten days.[68]

Comment: I see no evidence of this whatsoever. Donald Trump is and has been a part of the establishment since birth. He is a Freemason and member of the establishment secret societies as was his father Fred Trump who owned a string of brothels that was the basis for Trump’s future wealth. Trump’s wife Ivana was intimately involved in recruiting young girls for Ghislaine Maxwell.


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