The Parallel Economy Goes Mainstream

Andrew Torba, 

This week a comprehensive article in progressive magazine The New Republic delved into the emergence of the parallel economy with a particular emphasis on Gab’s role in spearheading it.

It seems that what ultimately grabbed the interest of our enemies was the broader adoption of the Parallel Economy concept by the Conservative establishment gatekeepers. As is often the case, whenever the Conservative Establishment detects an opportunity for profit and personal gain, they seize dissident right concepts and ideas, dilute them, and attempt to profit from them without achieving significant impact beyond their own financial enrichment.

Numerous opportunistic ventures are emerging, presenting themselves as the “Y of the parallel economy.” This proliferation is an encouraging sign, as it indicates the growing acceptance and normalization of this concept. However, it is essential to exercise discernment to distinguish genuine efforts from deceptive ones.

Constructing a parallel society and economy revolves around establishing lasting, sustainable solutions and bolstering family-owned enterprises and individuals who align with our principles. It should not serve as a means to bolster the wealth of opportunistic figures associated with the conservative establishment, seeking to exploit the momentum of our collective endeavor, but I digress.

The most effective economic strategy within the parallel economy is also the most straightforward: avoid purchasing from those who hate you, and instead, support businesses that align with your values. It’s extraordinarily simple, but powerful enough to topple a brand like Bud Light.

The remarkable aspect of our situation is that there’s no means for them to impede our progress. It all comes down to us sticking to these core principles. It’s your choice to stop supporting a brand like Bud Light and opt instead to support businesses that align with your values. They have no control over your ability to make that choice and they hate it.

Our most potent instrument for peaceful resistance against the Regime isn’t in the voting booth. It’s in your wallet. It’s in how, when, and where we choose to spend our time and money. It’s our collective purchasing power and our spirit of entrepreneurship.

We have reached a pivotal moment.

The Regime and the controlled opposition gatekeepers can no longer dismiss us as inconsequential. The recent Bud Light controversy and the burgeoning parallel economy within the American right-wing have genuinely unsettled them—and for good reason. We are a tangible force and our economic influence is undeniable.

As I’ve stressed before, by uniting and harnessing our collective purchasing power, we hold the potential to financially undermine virtually any business that aligns with the “woke” ideology. The Bud Light incident marked just the beginning, the initial skirmish in a two-pronged spiritual battle for the soul of our nation. Our mission isn’t solely to boycott the established system but also to continue constructing our own.

The economic influence of Christians is immense, yet currently, our collective efforts lack organization. It’s crucial that we come together with a shared purpose: first, to support businesses that align with our values and stand firm against the pressures of the “woke” movement and use our substantial purchasing power to hold accountable those businesses that impose their anti-Christ ideology on our families. Next, we need to build. Build businesses, schools, entertainment, infrastructure, technology, and community.

We need to stop funding our own destruction and the defilement of our culture and instead start building our own—everything—from the ground up. That’s exactly what we are doing here at We’re committed to providing a comprehensive set of tools and infrastructure to ensure a thriving parallel economy on Gab.

At Gab we have set our sights on revolutionizing the way we live and work by creating a parallel economy that aligns with American and Christian values from start to finish. This visionary approach aims to connect consumers and businesses, empowering families and small business owners to break free from the constraints of the current system and lead a sovereign and fulfilling life.

At the heart of Gab’s vision for the parallel economy is the idea of connecting consumers and businesses that share common values. This approach spans the entire spectrum of economic activity, from marketing and advertising to payment processing and customer support. Gab serves as a parallel economy platform where like-minded individuals can come together to support businesses that align with their beliefs and organize to boycott ones that don’t.

Businesses on Gab can reach a dedicated and engaged audience that shares their values. By leveraging Gab’s advertising capabilities, businesses can connect with new customers who appreciate their commitment to American and Christian principles.

GabPay, Gab’s payment processing system, offers users the ability to make purchases with ease while supporting businesses that uphold their values. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about empowering consumers to vote with their wallets, endorsing businesses that echo their beliefs.

Gab’s messaging system facilitates direct communication between businesses and customers, ensuring that inquiries and issues are resolved efficiently. This personal touch fosters a sense of community and trust between consumers and the businesses they patronize.

From discovery to purchase to customer support the tools and services that Gab has built over the past several years cover the full commerce cycle and infrastructure needed for a parallel economy.

Empowering Families and Small Business Owners

Gab’s vision extends beyond economic transactions; it aims to transform the way families and small business owners lead their lives. The ultimate goal is to liberate families from the chains of a corrupt system and the grind of modern life, providing them with the freedom to pursue their dreams and spend more time with their children.

We envision a future where both parents can work from home, running their small businesses entirely on the Gab platform in the parallel economy. This allows families to spend more time together and actively participate in their children’s lives while also keeping their minds and souls safe from the wicked ideologies of the Regime.

By promoting a parallel economy rooted in American and Christian values, Gab aims to create a world where families are self-reliant, businesses thrive, and individuals have the opportunity to lead sovereign and fulfilling lives. Our bold vision is a testament to the power of innovation and community in shaping a brighter future for all who embrace its principles.

We’d love for you to join us.

Gab is currently selling shares in its business in a Regulation Crowdfunding investment round conducted pursuant to Section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act of 1933. You can learn more about investing and becoming a Gab Shareholder here.

Andrew Torba
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