The Secret Russian Jewish History

In 988 Christianity was brought to the country and the pagan cathedrals were ruined by the king Vladimir who was half jew. His father king Sviatoslav after destroying the Khazar state once got drunk and fucked his jew servant Malka – the daughter of the previously defeated Jew King of Khazaria – the country created by Jews on the South to Russia. That king Vladimir poised his brothers born from Aryan women and became the only king. Before bringing Christianity he introduced bloody sacrificing rituals into our beautiful ancient Aryan religion to arouse people’s hate-rid to own Gods and religion. And then he started violent baptizing. That was revolution number 1 in Russia. 2\3 of population died in a civil war according to some sources. No one knows the figures because the history was written by Christians which subordinated to Jews. The war between aryan religion and Christianity continued for 900 years with gradual victory of Christianity. Slavs tried to make Christianity as good as they could but it was impossible to transform it into a good religion because its very idea was obedience and psychology of a slave-servant. Our Christian cathedrals still preserved some elements of the ancient architecture and signs, as well as some words in rituals. In the 16th century the last king from the ancient dynasty Ivan IV died. There was some period which was called as “chaos time” after which the dynasty of Romanovy came. There are rumors that it was the jew dynasty. There are facts proving this. The king Peter the First (end of 17 – benning of 18 century) changed the calendar to the christian one. According to our ancient calendar this year is 7521 and not 2013. So our nation had already existed before jews were created by their own god.
Peter organized an academy with 33 professors. 30 of them were Germans and 3 Russians. The historical papers of the greatest Russian professor Michailo Lomonosov was destroyed and the false versions of the German proffessors were distirbuted. So see, in 988 our ancient alphabet and writing and religion with all books were destroyed by the Christian satan. In 1700 the calendar was changed and history was rewritten again.
Probably you heard about the so called Tatar-Mongol invation. According to jews’ lies a small asian semi-wild tribe of Mongols created a strong army which conqured the highly-developed Russian civilization. In fact it was not like that. The Mongols army was pure white Russian army that liberated the lands up to Italy from templars, christianity and jew influence. There have never been that Mongol-Tatar muslim invasion. They were not muslim but aryan pagan. For 250 years they protected our lands approximately since 1237 against zionists. But the fucking Moscow region was always loyal to jews and somehow they managed to defeat the Golden Orda. By the way the word Orda sound like Order and you know what is order – it means discipline and anti-chaos. Russian language is the key to aryan history and they try to ruin it as they can. Now only 3/4 of words in TV news have Russian roots. Killing the language is the last step to kill a nation. The nation already does not remember who were her ancestors. But I must return to my narration. After defeating the Golden Orda the last kings of the dynasty coming from Sviatoslav and the half-jew Vladimir were loyal to jews again killing pagans and remnants of ancient books. The newcoming dynasty of Romanovs was even worse. They just hated everything Russian. In the 19th century they spoke French because they called own language a barbarian language! Traitors of course! The next revolution was organized in 1905 by jews but failed. In 1917 they finally managed to succeed with the so-called communism. And now some facts: prior to 1917 each woman had 7.5 childen in average, now 1.5 – even less than required to maintain existence of our nation. At the same time the fucking black-ass asians like Chechens, etc have 5-10 children and occupy our territories. They behave worse than animals, harass, rape women and children, kill or disfigure. The white aryan nation has been turned into slaves of all those asians. Unfortunately bedazzled by sex and entertainment the western europe and USA do not understand enough what’s going on. I cannot predict what will be. If they do not figure out jews’ charm and hypnoses say goodbye to the white race and the GOOD in general because the EVIL will reign till the end.
Returning to linguistics, namely the word Mongol-Tatar. Mongol was not mongol but Mogol which meant Mighty. Tatar meant Tata Ra , that the people of the God of Sun RA.

The old versions of google map showed the remnants of ancient buildings and cities in the Arctic Ocean where the Aryan land Daarya existed. Jews have cleaned the maps and now you cannot find the truth.

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