The Strange Case of Jared Taylor

Editor’s Note: While no one here on Renegade Tribune is in favor of Muslim immigration into our lands, it is important to not only identify the symptoms, but to get to the root of the problem, which kosher nationalists refuse to do.

By Michael Collins Piper (2004)

Certain elements have joined the ranks of the “neo-conservative” elite in promoting anti-Arab and anti-Muslim hatred. While many Americans of the so-called “extreme right”—not to be confused with the “neo-conservative” movement surrounding Richard Perle and William Kristol and their allies such as Steven Emerson and Bernard Lewis—are strongly anti-Zionist or outright anti-Jewish, there are a handful of other so-called “rightist” organizations that share the anti-Muslim and anti-Arab fanaticism of the Jewish neo-conservatives. For example, there is one rather prominent individual who—while often described by the media as a “racist”—has nonetheless actively avoided criticizing Israel and who is an outspoken enemy of Arab and Muslim immigrants into America. His name is Jared Taylor. Editor of a publication known as American Renaissance, Jared Taylor is widely believed by many of his critics to be an asset of the CIA. Critics note not only that he is a graduate of Yale, a long-time CIA recruiting ground, but that he has been active and successful in business and finance in the Far East. In addition, a book Taylor wrote—Paved With Good Intentions—alleging that black Americans are inferior to whites, was praised in Commentary, the neo-conservative voice of the American Jewish Committee, edited by Norman Podhoretz who, himself, was connected to CIA-financed activities as far back as the 1950s.

So Taylor’s connections to the “neo-conservative” network and the New York elite are firm indeed. And considering the impact that Taylor has in certain American “right wing” circles that are seemingly independent of the “neo-conservative” elite—such as a so-called “Council of Conservative Citizens” of which he is director—it is clear that Taylor’s voice is being heard and having an impact.—it is clear that Taylor’s voice is being heard and having an impact. At one juncture, Taylor’s Council of Conservative Citizens featured an item attacking “Dirty Rotten Arabs and Muslims” on its website. The record shows Taylor has a long history of attacking Arabs and Muslims. As far back as November 1993—nearly a decade ago, long before the widespread anti-Muslim tendencies in America, stoked by the major broadcast media, particularly in the wake of the 9-11-2001 terrorist attacks, Taylor’s American Renaissance magazine featured an article entitled “The Rise of Islam in America,” which asserted that “Islam lies at a dangerous intersection between race and immigration,” and which declared:

Islam, in its various forms, lies at the intersection of America’s two most dogma-laden and self-destructive policies: immigration and race relations. It was the purest idiocy to have imported crowds of swarthy fanatics who are prepared to kill each other—and us—over obscure conflicts in the Levant. Had no one noticed that Middle Easterners fight out their unsettled feuds not only in their own countries but in Europe as well? To have imported fanatics who worship the same god as the Black Muslims was idiocy on stilts. 124

A Muslim-bashing hate festival sponsored by Taylor in the Washington, D.C. area over the Feb. 22, 2002 weekend set off alarm bells about Taylor’s covert agenda. American Free Press, based in Washington, D.C., reported as follows:

Had you walked into Jared Taylor’s recent American Renaissance conference, you might have thought you were at a pro-Israel rally: the anti-Muslim rhetoric was that pervasive. Taylor’s self-styled “uptown” approach echoes the ongoing Israeli propaganda theme that the Islamic religion is the root cause of the Sept. 11 tragedy—not the pro-Israel U.S. Middle East policy. One who attended the meeting—young Bill White—described Taylor’s meeting at his (White’s) website. While finding the event interesting, White—an outspoken anti-Zionist—says what disturbed him the most was “the decided anti-Black and anti-Muslim tilt of the conference.” The “entire focus,” said White, “was on Islam and blacks and how bad and threatening they are, with nary a word about Jews and their influence in politics. All of the speakers either didn’t address the Zionist-Israeli issue, or did so in philo-Semitic, flattering, untrue and ridiculous terms.” Every speaker at Taylor’s conference except one was anti-black and anti-Muslim, according to White.

"Looks White to me""Looks White to me"
“Looks White to me”

Perhaps in keeping with his decidedly anti-Muslim stance, Taylor previously featured a hard-line pro-Zionist New York-based Rabbi, Meyer Schiller, as the keynote speaker at a previous conference. The Forward newspaper, a prominent American Jewish publication, has said that Schiller reports that his influence with Taylor has helped bring about positive feelings for the American Jewish cause on Taylor’s part, and thereby helped stimulate other Americans who follow Taylor’s teachings to think likewise. Although—after being widely criticized by many of his associates— Taylor has since made some motions to suggest that U.S. policy toward Israel and the Arab world may have stimulated the 9-11 terrorist attacks, Taylor does not relent in his attacks on Muslim immigrants, effectively playing into the hands of the Zionist cause.

Ironically, although Taylor has spent a great deal of energy in Muslim-bashing, his closest friend and long-time political fellow-traveler, one Mark Weber, has assiduously courted the Muslim world while posturing as an “anti-Zionist,” causing some persons to wonder just what the Taylor-Weber agenda really may be. Weber is best known today as one of a small group who—working under the direction of a known long-time CIA operative Andrew E. Allen—orchestrated the destruction of The Spotlight newspaper, in its time the one independent American newspaper that regularly and forcefully raised questions about the imbalanced U.S. policy toward Israel and the Arab and Muslim worlds. Taylor and his ilk are thus part and parcel of a malicious and wideranging effort to defame the Arab and Muslim peoples, and the truth is that their impact is being felt at a critical time when the Zionist lobby finds it vital to have its “agents” inside even the smallest—but still mildly influential—groups in America.

Individuals such as these use their outreach (however minimal it may be) to bend Americans and others in the West in favor of Israel through attacks on Arabs and Muslims, and this proves critical to Israel’s imperial goals, in league with the neo-conservative manipulators now dominating American foreign policy.

Source: The High Priests of War

Editor’s addition:

AR has taken an implicit position on Jews by publishing Jewish authors and inviting Jewish speakers to AR conferences. It should be clear to anyone that Jews have, from the outset, been welcome and equal participants in our efforts.” Jared Taylor, 2006

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  1. AYTONOHTON says:

    CIA or not, JT of AmRen is …openly philo-dzew therefore by …proxy an anti-White-European-American shill of (((them))). But above all he is so obviously controlled opposition.

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