The Trickster Trumpster Is A Rothschild’s Bit#h War Pig Promoter Who Wants More Humans Killer Jabbed

Trump is pimping for more Tax Slave’s Fruits of their Labor being stolen from them, spent on weapons of Mass Destruction from his MASTERS the Rothschild’s

weapons of War factories so the Rothschilds can start more wars.

“Trump will force NATO members to hike military spending by 50% – Telegraph”

The “American” voters are some of the most STUPID sorry excuses for a human being in the world today.

Then there are those who write propaganda pieces trying to excuse Trump’s making war on humanity

as he is just so stupid he don’t know he is trying to wipe out most of humanity with Rothschild’s Witches Brew Voodoo Killer Jabs.

“Thomas Renz drops bombshell on Brighteon TV about Trump campaign manager Susie Wiles who has dark ties to Big Pharma, deep state”.

Deep State=Rothschilds.
Trump=Rothschild’s bitch.
Biden=Rothschild’s bitch.

From the it’s not Trump’s fault, he’s just real stupid and very busy propaganda piece.

“You may be wondering why Donald Trump continues to endorse RINOs (Republicans in name only) who time and time again stab him in the back. Well, it could be because of his campaign manager Susie Wiles, who Lawfare attorney Thomas Renz warned on his Brighteon TV program is a deep state, pharmaceutical industry hack [Killer Jab Bitch].

“Since Trump is very busy campaigning right now, not to mention dealing with a litany of legal troubles, he relies on others [meaning he is incompetent], Renz says, to vet the politicians [his fellow blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child Rape videos political whores] he endorses at his rallies. The problem is that many of these politicians seemingly hate [they are all friends behind the curtain and laugh their asses off at the stupid sheep voters]


and yet he endorses them anyway”.

If you care to read the piece trying to excuse Trump all his crimes against Americans and humanity here is the link:

One must face the fact Trump is either an incompetent bumbling idiot or purposely sucking Ratschild dick while making war on humanity.

As for the “voters”.

The Ole Dog!


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