The UK’s Suspicious Role in Yemen

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The UK’s Suspicious Role in Yemen

By Yahya Salah El-Din

Yemen – The confessions of the British spy cell in Yemen, which was recently arrested by the Yemeni security services in Sanaa, confirmed that there is a scenario whereby Britain wants to return and control Yemen again.

Meanwhile, previous British officials’ moves and statements in the region, and in Yemen in particular, proved this prepared US-‘Israeli’-blessed scenario to switch roles. The plot was first implemented upon then British Prime Minister Theresa May visited Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. In parallel, Jeremy Hunt’s anti-Yemenis statements were made in the course of the British role to control the Yemeni situation and run the Gulf region, this time from the strategic city of Hudaydah instead of Aden. It was because there were many troubles in Aden that include being surrounded by terrorist groups from all sides.

The UK didn’t have another exit but to occupy Hudaydah, to seize control of the Bab al-Mandib Strait under the pretext of protecting maritime navigation, which practically was to control and dominate the entire Gulf region.

Hence, the UK switched roles with the US in the region, unveiling its malign intentions towards Yemen.

The spy cell was recruited by US intelligence officers in the Saudi-controlled al-Ghayda Airport in Yemen’s al-Mahrah Province. They were later tasked to deal with British intelligence officers to continue the hostile role in Yemen.

The agents admitted that they sent the coordinates and information about security and military sites, and civilian and business facilities in different Yemeni provinces for the British intelligence services for $300 US monthly salary.

Yemenis, however, thwarted this conspiracy in which the UK and its agents failed to divide Yemen or bring it back under Washington’s or London’s guardianship.

The war-torn country is moving from one gain to another in the battlefield, and will soon return a regional power that neither the UK nor any other western nation will dare to play with it again.

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