The War Crime of Illegally Invading Afghanistan Based on Damned Lies

The false flag of the 9-11 Holocaust of 3,000 Americans in New York on 11 September 2001 was used as the excuse to illegally invade Afghanistan.

Washington DC run by Israhell Jews was involved up to their child raping eyeballs in pulling off the false flag.
Therefore everyone in DC knew Israhell and the USA did the cowardly criminal attack.

The USA demanded Afghanistan hand over Osama Bin Laden to the USA as the USA knowing they were lying had accused Mossad’s Arab boy of “masterminding” the attack.

Afghanistan authorities told the US war criminals if they could show real evidence Osama was involved they would hand him over.
The Washington DC based Israhell whores had no evidence Osama was involved because he was not.

So the evil f##ks who did 9-11, invaded Afghanistan because the authorities of Afghanistan would not hand over an innocent man who had nothing to do with the false flag, as the evil f##ks who really did the false flag could not produce non existent evidence Osama was involved.

When the FBI was pressed on why their arrest warrant for Osama did not include any 9-11 related crimes or evidence of 9-11 related crimes, they had to admit it was because they had no such evidence.

So the whores of DC did the original sin of 9-11.
Using a Holocaust of 3,000 Americans they did themselves, they in a war crime illegally invaded a country which had never, and to this day has not attacked America.

“During the War in Afghanistan, according to the Costs of War Project the war killed 176,000 people in Afghanistan: 46,319 civilians, 69,095 military and police and at least 52,893 opposition fighters. However, the death toll is possibly higher due to unaccounted deaths by “disease, loss of access to food, water, infrastructure, and/or other indirect consequences of the war.”

The Afghan family US military blew up with a killer drone for the crime of loading containers of drinking water into their vehicle

One problem is the USA has not had a real General since the USA murdered WW 2 American General George S Patton in 1945 for trying to stop the USA betrayal of the American people by Washington DC and their Rothschild masters.

If USA had had a real general, they would have told the child raping pedophile false flag doing whores of DC Afghanistan was called the GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES for a damn good reason.

Let’s face it!.
The only war the USA has won since they murdered General Patton

was Desert Storm going up against a tiny 3ed world military and they had to take months to prepare and get help from a whole bunch of other countries to pull that one off.

THE highway of death where Papa CIA BadBush had war planes purposely Holocaust thousands of no longer fighting Iraqi soldiers who were leaving the war zone in an announced end of hostilities.

I read this article talking about an Australian soldier being called a war criminal because he is known to have murdered civilians in Afghanistan.

Every Afghanistan human killed during that illegal invasion/occupation was murdered by the political whores who knowingly started a war by blaming other people for doing the holocaust of 3,000 Americans they did themselves.

Every soldier from the invading counties which died while murdering Afghanistan peoples, was murdered by the political whores who knowingly sent them to murder innocent people based on the lie they did the crime the political whores did themselves.

Common Law Nuremberg Styled Tribunals need to be convened, and all political whores and pretend generals who were complicit in all the illegal invasions/occupations of innocent countries which had nothing to do with the Israhell/USA false flag attack on America in New York on 11 September 2001, given fair trials

followed by fair hangings.

The Ole Dog!


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