The War Criminals in the USA/DC CORPORATION “congress” Refuse To Remove Their Invading/Occupying Terrorist Troops From Syria

The evil War Criminal 30 shekel Ratschild’s Whores in the USA/DC CORPORATION’s “congress”

who are committing treason against America/Americans as well as perpetrating war crimes against Humanity world wide, have REFUSED to stop their WAR CRIME in Syria.

The lie the USA/DC whores are using to try to justify, they can not justify their war crimes in Syria, but the lies they use to try to is preventing “ISIS “terrorism”.

So the whores of USA/DC CORPORATION helps Ratchild’s private fiefdom lyingly called Israel for phycological purposed located in Occupied Palestine pull off the false flag of 9-11 so the Ratschild’s 30 shekel whores in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac can use the TERRORISM they did themselves to lyingly try to justify HOLOCAUSING innocent little children, their mothers and old men all over the world claiming the Terrorism they did and the Rothschild’s private Terrorist organization ISIS as an excuse.

US “lawmakers” (Rulemakers, God has Laws, sheep monkey “humans” make rules, often in direct opposition to God’s Laws) have voted down a bill to withdraw all American invading, holocausting, oil thieving occuping terrorist troops from Syria in favor of continuing the years-long terrorist occupation despite repeated objections from the Sovereign Legal government in Damascus, which has rejected the armed terrorist presence as illegal.

When finally the New Nuremberg Common Law Tribunals are convened, all living past members along with the current terrorist of this terrorist organization

MUST BE dragged shitting theoir pants or depends as the case may be, in front of a Nuremberg Common Law Tribunal, charged with their crimes, given fair trials and fair hangings.

After all, piracy and mass murder has long been a hanging offense.

The Ole Dog!


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