Thinking Half Assed-“COVID” vs Yearly Flu

I read a headline this morning which made me roll my eyes.

“Japan becomes first major country to officially recognize Covid poses same threat as flu — in seminal pandemic moment”

There is no “SARS-COV-02” “virus” and no “COVID-19” lyingly or ignorantly as the individual case may be, said to be caused by the non existent “SARS-COV-02” “virus”.

NO ONE, NO GOVERNMENT”, NO SCIENTIST, NO HEALTH “EXPERT”, NO “HEALTH” AGENCY anywhere in the whole wide world can produce an IDENTIFIED, PURIFIED, ISOLATED, REPRODUCABLE sample of a “SARS-COV-02” “virus” claimed without real scientific proof to “cause” the mythical “COVID-19” “illness” “diagnosed” by a PCR process which is not a test, and the Nobel Prize Winning inventor thereof said should never be used as a stand alone test.

This PCR “test” found things like rocks and fruit “infected” with “COVID-19”.

What you have here is a Scamdemic.

Forced on humanity by the usual evil child raping and war starting

thieving Usury Bankers

who wish to kill off most of humanity

The now destroyed Georgia Guidstones placed in the early 1980s on which these psychopaths chiseled into stone in seven different languages their plans to kill of humanity to the five hundred million level and there after control the birth rate on a world wide slave plantation

and rule what’s left as slaves.


which is under the umbrella of these evil soul-less ass holes has now come out and said raping children is good for humanity as traumatized children will have less children when they grow up.

When these demonically possessed evil soul-less minions of the dark side decided to kill off most of humanity, they settled on a Scamdemic.

The mRNA Killer Jabs were being written about at least as early as 2017 because I personally have read an article on it which dates back that far.

The mRNA Killer Jabs are not a vaccine under the time tested definition of what constitutes a vaccine and the evil dark side minions had to redefine what constitutes a vaccine to call this death dart a vaccine so they could fool the sheep into voluntarily lining up for the Euthanasia jab.

First they had to have a Scamdemic which would cause the gullible sheep to poop and piss their wool in fear.

So cases of the yearly flu were called “COVID-19”, the dark side minions had all the MSM outlets which they own scream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that unless the sheep took the killer jab every sheep would die of “COVID-19”

The numbers of deaths caused by already weak and medically compromised individuals who got the yearly flu which finished them off as well as people who committed suicide, died in car and motorcycle wreaks and any other death they could test the body with a “test” which was not a test for a non existent virus which could be manipulated to give all the false positives they wanted was used to blame deaths which had nothing to do with the alleged Scamdemic, of the alleged Scamdemic.

It mattered not if a man got into a motorcycle accident in which his head was cut off, as long as they could test the body with a test which was not a test and “detect” a not scientifically proved to exist “virus”, the death was labeled a “COVID-19” death.

If one took the time and effort to pay attention, one would see the ones pushing the killer jabs for a not scientifically proved to exist virus, claim the yearly flu took a couple of years off and spent them sipping frosted alcoholic drinks on a warm sunny beach on a tropical island while “COVID-19” did the killing off of the weak, frail and old.

Magically after thousands of years, the yearly flu just disappeared for a couple of years.

All flu deaths and cases were relabeled “COVID-19”, their numbers exaggerated, then screamed about non stop to scare the sheep into committing assisted suicide with the Killer Jabs which you will recall, ARE NOT a VACCINE, but an experimental chemical/biological weapon.

I have a sister-in-law who is a retired nurse.
Her doctor tried to jab her with a flu jab which now has the same mRNA killer technology in it.

The sister in law told the doctor, why would I need it?
The flu has “disappeared”.

Oh yes the “doctor” said, but it will come back!

There are now articles talking about ALL “vaccines” will now incorporate the mRNA Killer Jab “technology”

It has been admitted even by Pfizer/FDA/CDC the killer jabs are causing heart deaths, but I saw an article talking about how another of the companies producing the killer jabs has “developed” a mRNA jab to “help repair” damage their original mRNA killer jab did to peoples hearts.

And the sheep go Bhaaaaaaaa!!! and line up for it!

The Scamdemic was used to do several things.
Kill off large numbers of humans.
Those already dead and those dropping dead every day with “sudden death” or “died suddenly” being used to deflect attention from they died from the killer jabs.

The forced useless as teats on a boar hog dust masking

to “stop” “trasmission” of a “virus” not scientifically proven to exist was used for several things.

To teach the sheep conformity, to mind “authority” no matter how stupid the order is, or how harmful to one’s own health.

To mask the ability of humans to communicate about the scamdemic.
Much of your ability to convey the meanings of your words is your facial expression.

The mask were to make war on children, harm their health, teach them to conform, to mentally retard their intelligence and learning ability.

Many children did not learn to talk way past where they should have because they could not watch the lips of those saying the words.

The Non Medical, Penal Code Lockdowns were designed again, to teach the sheep to mind no matter how self destructive obeying orders from perceived authority figures was.

They also killed small and family businesses which all ‘governments” hate as they make the people self dependent instead of wholly dependent on “government” to “solve” the problems “government” first created.

The lockdowns drained the bank and savings accounts of the average worker and family making them again dependent of the “government” for substance after the “government” had made sure they were broke and could not survive without “government” which caused them to be broke in the first place.

They were used to interrupt shipping, manufacturing and farming so as to produce an apocalyptic world where shortages and man made famines would kill off still more humans and make the ones still alive still more dependent of the evil ass holes who caused all the problems in the first place.

There is no saving the sheep who took the jabs.
Those who got a placebo jab, or a few who took only one jab may live for some time, those who got the real jabs, not without sickness or problems.

But those who took two or more jabs are the walking dead.

Add to those already killer jabbed those who will now take all the vaccines they are used to taking which now have the mRNA death dart technology in them, and it is currently and will become an even larger Holocaust of Humanity.

These evil ass holes know they are doing a Holocaust of millions of humans.
That is why they cooked up the mRNA technology and forced or fooled it on humans for a made up Scamdemic.

All of this is a direct violation of the 1947 Nuremberg Code.

Violation of the Nuremberg Code

is a hanging offense.

Humanity world wide must join together to convene Nuremberg tribunal Common Law Courts, give these Mass Holocausters fair trials followed by fair hangings.

There are hundreds of thousands who deserve to shit their pants as their necks snap for their crimes against humanity.

And to hell with burying the evil sons of bitches and slimy cunts bodies!

The Ole Dog!


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