Third Position – Unmasking The Bolshevik Agenda

This article will explore some of the more modern Third Position parties and how they pretend to be on our side, when they are really just masking their true allegiances.

Terza Posizione, an Italian Third Positionist party, was formed by ex members of the Evola-inspired Ordine Nuovo, Avanguarda Nazionale, and members of Mutti’s Lotta di Popolo. Terza Poiszione was also inspired by renowned degenerate, Julius Evola’s work. The group was suspected of committing a bombing at a train station in Bologna that killed 85 people and injured 200 others Roberto Fiore and Massimo Morsella, who were two prominent members of the group, fled to the UK. Fiore became acquainted with Nick Griffin and Derek Holland once in the UK, as well as members of the National Front, which had its own Third Positionist wing that was referred to as the Political Soldier wing. Due to rifts within the NF, Griffin and Holland broke away and formed their own organization called the Official National Front. They were known for praising people like Gaddafi, Ayatollah Khomeini and Louis Farakahn.

After another rift between leaders of the Official National Front, Griffin, Holland and Fiore would go on to form the International Third Position. Griffin left the ITP after further rifts between the leaders in 1990. He then joined the British National Party (BNP). He became the party head in 2014 after John Tyndall was expelled. Troy Southgate, another former member of the International Third Position, left the party and formed the National Anarchist, National Revolutionary Faction.

They use traditionally “left wing” related imagery and blend it with anarchist symbols. Troy is often pictured using chaos stars, “satanic” (talmudic) imagery, and he hangs out with orthodox jews.

Troy’s work has also been published by the National Bolshevik outlet Arktos, which pushes Dugin’s work to Western audiences.

Back in Italy the Movimento Sociale Italiano would rebrand itself into a more moderate conservative party, and from this came the Tricolour Flame. The Tricolour Flame is a Third positionist fascist party. A faction within the Tricolour Flame that was pro Fiore and pro Mussolini formed and split away to form Forza Nuova. They were once allied with the “far-right” Ukrainian party Svoboda, but later shifted towards a pro-Donbass/pro Russian party.

CasaPound is another Third Positionist party that was very similar to Forza Nuova.  It was named after Ezra Pound. The members refer to themselves as “fascists of the new millennium”. CasaPound has run social centers in Italy. They are also affiliated with Sol.ID (Solidarites-Identites), which is an NGO that is active in Burma, Palestine, South Africa, Kosovo and Syria. CasaPound has invited Aleksandr Dugin to speak at their events and show their Bolshevik alliance quite clearly.

Many of these groups would call out the “immigration” problem and would often speak about jewish control and other such things, but they’re only doing that to attract people who see what is going on, luring them into a trap.

I’ve noticed that a lot of these controlled opposition agents will use the wolf’s angle rune. No, this rune is not inherently bad or evil, but these people are using it for a specific reason.

The Neo-Folk “artist” Boyd Rice was known for using this symbol.

I have covered Boyd Rice in past podcasts. It’s my opinion that he was a provocateur who used NS imagery to associate it with “satanic” imagery, and other dark things.

This picture in particular reminds me of the gang from A Clockwork Orange. Was this programming to get us associating “ultra-nationalism” with “ultra violence”.

According to Janusz Bugajski:

in its most extreme or developed forms, ultra-nationalism resembles fascism, marked by a xenophobic disdain of other nations, support for authoritarian political arrangements verging on totalitarianism, and a mythical emphasis on the ‘organic unity’ between a charismatic leader, an organizationally amorphous movement-type party, and the nation.”

It is this “fashy” aesthetic that was used by the controlled opposition agents of the alt right, although they dog whistled to National Socialist sympathies. In the coming installments of this series I will cover the World National Conservative Movement (WNCM), it’s attendees such as Nordfront, and how such groups are making alliances and taking donations from Russian Imperialist movements, while duping their followers into thinking they’re National Socialists that want to preserve their culture.

Nordfront members meet with the Russian Imperial Movement, who would later have them come to Russia to engage in military training.
Nordfront activist throws up the commie fist, while wearing a “revolution” shirt.
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