This is what the midterm elections looks likes for the Democrats.

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
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There are basically three distinctly scenarios shaping up for Election Day 2022, each of which will have HUGE repercussions for the continuity of the American Republic.

Firstly, if the midterm elections actually take place, they will only occur in the midst of so much chaos, confusion and conflict that the Democrat Party really believes they will be successful at stealing every election in sight.  In other words, only in the fog of war (that’s why they’re called “campaigns’), and in a national environment of overwhelming distraction and turmoil, will the Democrats be confident of successfully stealing the sufficient number of elections necessary to win majorities in both the U.S. Senate and House.  Of course, this scenario implies a series of stunning October Surprises that will be as shocking as they are disorienting domestically, wreaking havoc in all the ways required to provide cover for a massive vote fraud.

The second scenario is one where a very desperate Joe Biden, who really hates that the whole world knows he’s a stone-cold election thief, will brazenly declare the MAGA Movement a terrorist threat to the United States thereby justifying a cancellation of elections across the country.  In so doing, he may attempt to establish a new single ruling party form of governance.  Given many of Biden’s recent pronouncements, it’s now clear that the POTUS pretender will say and do ANYTHING his masters tell him to.  There is simply no conscience remaining whatsoever and a complete lack of morality, Biden has been so completely taken over by dark forces.  Given the graphic exposure of his complicity with son Hunter Biden’s worldwide crime sprees, Biden’s handlers can easily manipulate him into perpetrating any evil.

Thirdly, especially in the face of the two preceding alternatives, is the increasingly likely scenario where a global black swan (or two or three) comes out of nowhere to everyone’s astonishment and consternation.  This could take the form of a spontaneous collapse of the Global Economic & Financial System (not the long-planned controlled demolition by the New World Order globalist cabal).  It could also manifest as a highly kinetic World War III drawing in all the major military powers on the planet.  Such a hot phase of WW3 could easily evolve into a devastating exchange of nuclear weapons across the planet.  Then there is the possibility of a very real and deadly Fall pandemic breaking out that disproportionately affects the USA.  Of course there are many other black swan events, both manmade and the result of divine intervention, any of which could postpone Election Day giving Team Biden more time to execute a takeover of the American Republic.


In any case, it must be correctly understood why the Democrats are as desperate and frantic, dangerous and frenzied as they have ever been in U.S. electoral history.

It’s now a political fact of life, ever since the Democrat Party has shown its true communist colors, that many traditional and old-fashioned Democrats are absolutely horrified at what has happened to their party during the Trump era.

True, these Reagan Democrats may not like Donald Trump, but they really detest what they have seen from the likes of Biden and Harris, Clinton and Clinton, Pelosi and Schumer, Schiff and Swalwell, Garland and Mayorkas, Blinken and Austin, Buttigieg and Becerra, as well as Ocasio-Cortez and her squad of feminazis.

Now those countless Democrats, who are silently defecting by the millions, may not officially leave the Democrat Party, but they will never vote Democrat again.  They may not vote Republican either, although there are many DEMs who can’t wait to vote for Ron DeSantis in Florida … … … as well as for many other reasonable Republicans who did not lock them down and/or mandate ‘vaccines’ during the Covid era.

The DNC knows all of this quite well, which is why the Mainstream Media is so busy gaslighting the electorate — every single day — with utterly phony polls falsely showing Democrat candidates leading in fake poll after fake poll.  The DNC knows that, without any serious cheating in November, it’s going to be an historic bloodbath.

Biden’s truly catastrophic term has pushed even longtime loyal liberals into a place of apathy and indifference toward the donkey party of old.  They know the POTUS imposter has been an unmitigated disaster for Middle America and everyone else.  Just ask them how they like the price of everything these days compared to the economic stability and financial security under President Trump.  If they don’t have Trump Derangement Syndrome, they will surely give you an earful.  Which bodes quite well for a season of landslides victories for the GOP this election cycle.

The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation
September 22, 2022


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