This Week in Ed-jew-cation: Drag Lap Dances for Faculty, Field Trip to a Gay Bar, and ‘Racist’ Gifted Programs

I was considering writing articles for all three of these stories, but there is really too much insanity to keep up with these days.

Let’s start off with the boys dressing in drag for a “man pageant” and giving lap dances to faculty (including the principal/ mayor) in Hazard, KY. This was part of their homecoming week celebration.

So as not to leave the girls out, they had the teens dress up as hooters waitresses holding mugs of beer.

The school obviously saw nothing wrong with these activities, as they posted the pictures to their official athletics page.

Next up in the degenerate world of schooling in America, we travel to Florida, where a school board member brought a group of elementary school children to a gay sodomite bar that has lots of disgusting things on its wall and menu, as is to be expected.

Check out the Washington Examiner for more on this story.

Finally, let’s check out the latest controversy, which of course involves White “racism” plaguing schools across the country.

From AP:

Communities across the United States are reconsidering their approach to gifted and talented programs in schools as vocal parents blame such elite programs for worsening racial segregation and inequities in the country’s education system.

A plan announced by New York City’s mayor to phase out elementary school gifted and talented programs in the country’s largest school district — if it proceeds — would be among the most significant developments yet in a push that extends from Boston to Seattle and that has stoked passions and pain over race, inequality and access to a decent education.

Not enough black and brown students are being put into “gifted” programs, and of course this is due to White racism rather than any inherent deficit in cognitive abilities, since it is taken for granted that all people are equal.

Nationwide, 8.1% of white and 12.7% of Asian American children in public schools are considered gifted, compared with 4.5% of Hispanic and 3.5% of Black students, according to an Associated Press analysis of the most recent federal data.

The discrepancy could not possibly have anything to do with the fact that Koko the gorilla had an IQ that was higher than the average for most sub-Saharan countries, could it?

There are some people who just want to do away with any kind of objective requirements for a child to be admitted to the advanced programs, just like how Oregon got rid of reading, writing, and math requirements so that darker students can actually graduate.

The [Seattle] school board has approved changes that will do away with eligibility testing and make all grade schoolers automatically eligible for consideration for advanced instruction. In addition to grades, the selection committee will consider testimonials from teachers, family and community members.

Others just want to see the entire program demolished.

The changes don’t go far enough for critics like Rita Green, the education chair of the Seattle Chapter of the NAACP. She has called for more work to build environments that nurture the intellectual development of all the district’s 50,000 schoolchildren.

“We want the program just abolished. Period. The Highly Capable Cohort program is fundamentally flawed, and it’s inherently racist,” Green said.

White children getting a decent education is racist. They need to be held back by low-IQ black bullies in the classroom. I have long said that “no child left behind” really means “no child gets ahead.”

I guess children really just need to learn how to dress in drag and twerk on teachers, with the occassional trip to the local sodomite bar thrown in. That is what it means to be ed-jew-cated in America these days.

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