Tom Renz: Vaccine shedding is NOT a conspiracy theory

(Natural News) Ohio-based lawyer Tom Renz discussed a variety of topics during a recent episode of “Another Renz Rant.”

Renz shared that renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough has been talking about the possibility of vaccine shedding – meaning, the unvaccinated can also be infected with diseases caused by the vaccines. Renz said this appears terrifying, but it is not a conspiracy theory.

The lead counsel in three major cases concerning the COVID lockdowns, mask mandates and false death/case data told his viewers that McCullough doesn’t say anything he can’t back up with evidence. Renz, a patriot and freedom fighter, said he has been talking about vaccine shedding since early 2021 shortly after the jabs came out. He cited that there was a document about “reportable safety events” in studies at Pfizer.

“If a pregnant woman came in contact with someone who was vaccinated… reportable safety of that. Why is that? Why were they tracking that? Well, they didn’t answer. No contact and they were specific contacts, didn’t necessarily mean anything more than just being around it. I mean literally shedding [when] you get near someone who was recently vaccinated. They were concerned – why?” Renz asked. (Related: Truth confirmed: Research proves two more “conspiracy theories” related to vaccine shedding, pregnant women to be true all along.)

Renz also mentioned that when Comirnaty was fraudulently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Pfizer did a bunch of post-authorization studies on it.

These post-authorization studies include vaccine shedding, as well as viral and bacterial gene therapy products.

The Ohio-based lawyer asked why Pfizer is concerned about shedding if it is not possible and why it is calling the vaccine a gene therapy product if it is not. He pointed out that Pfizer and the FDA are lying, and the American people are trusting liars.

“Everything about the jabs has been a lie,” he said.

Ukraine is a piggy bank for the globalists

Renz then shifted his thoughts to Ukraine.

“I felt bad that there was a war occurring there. But everything about this has been fraudulent, including the bazillions of dollars that we sent over there. I mean you look at the FTX connections and now we find out that a lot of our weapons are getting trafficked through Ukraine to Africa,” said Renz.

Renz called Ukraine a piggy bank for the globalists besides being a money laundering state that is corrupt and broken from top to bottom.

“Zelensky and his crew are getting rich beyond their wildest dreams and America continues to funnel money to all sorts of people who are giving it back to the Democrats and Republicans that keep sending money to Ukraine,” he said. “This is corruption at the highest levels, which is completely unacceptable.”

Renz also talked about the Democrats putting together the 65 Project, which he said is a lawfare initiative.

“It’s a bunch of lawyers that they have had to go out. Every time someone files an election case, they file for sanctions. And we’ve gotten to the point now where essentially no matter how corrupt an election is, the courts are trying to have nothing to do with it,” said Renz, adding that America needs to work for reform – especially in the courts.

He pointed out that the courts have to be available to challenge elections if there is a violation of the law. The lawyer explained that a court’s role is never to be political, and it is never to create or change the law.

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