Top South African ANC Leader Threatens To Forcefully Close Israeli Embassy Over Gaza Slaughter

Jessie Duarte — the deputy secretary-general of the African National Congress (ANC) — led a protest outside the Israeli Embassy in Pretoria against the ongoing ethnic cleansing in Palestine — and threatened to forcibly shut down the embassy if the Israelis refused to leave voluntarily:

Go home, go and talk about what you are doing wrong,” Duarte told embassy staff through a megaphone. “We will come and talk to you and help you to bring about peace, but please go home.”

Duarte — who was centrally involved in a 2017 ANC campaign to break diplomatic ties with Israel — denounced Israel as a “military junta, not a democratic society,” and leveled unsubstantiated accusations of “genocide” against the Jewish state. She claimed that opposition from the “World Trade Organization” had prevented the international community from labeling the conflict with the Palestinians as a genocide.

Duarte also signaled that South Africa’s powerful pro-Palestinian lobby would be willing to use force to close down the Israeli Embassy.

We are going in there one of these days. We can jump fences,” Duarte said.

Duarte then took popular anti-Zionist conspiracy theories about Israel’s territorial expansion to a new heights in her speech.

If we do not stop this imperialism in Israel, one day they will move into Africa and start dispossessing our land here,” she stated. “They will become the next imperialists.”

….In the same speech, Duarte told South African Jews whose children volunteer for the IDF that they were “part of the problem.” She took the opportunity to deny that she was antisemitic, telling the crowd, “Israel has already said that I am antisemitic. That is the most stupid thing to say when you are in the wrong.”

“You look for a reason to keep people quiet,” she asserted, drawing on the familiar anti-Zionist trope that Jews only invoke the charge of antisemitism to deflect attention from the plight of the Palestinians. “It’s not going to happen.”

The speech drew a furious response from the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD).

“Surely someone in this important position should know better than to use inflammatory and irresponsible language at such a volatile time,” Wendy Kahn, the SAJBD’s national director, said in a statement.

Duarte’s “bizarre claims that Israel is becoming a global imperialist are ludicrous,” Kahn said. “This delusional and paranoid statement is embarrassing for a woman in such a key position. Her numerous references of genocide are scandalously false and make a mockery of victims of real genocide.”

South African Jews held their own solidarity rally with Israel in Johannesburg on Sunday. Among the speakers was Israel’s Ambassador, Lior Keinan, who told the crowd that the sweep of history was on their side, despite current political adversities.

“In the last 20 years, since BDS was formed, Israel has had the best time in history. Israel is not going anywhere. We are moving from one success to another,” Keinan said.

South African Jews are utterly tone-deaf to their brazen hypocrisy — Jews were instrumental in demonizing and dismantling Apartheid in South Africa, but defend their segregation and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

But it’s a lot easier getting away with this hypocrisy when you not only control the media in South Africa, but you control the opposition parties as well.

After working with South African Jews to destroy Apartheid, George Galloway, the MP from Scotland, became one of the world’s leading critics of the hypocritical Zionist Jews and their genocidal agenda in Palestine.

Since the fall of Apartheid, over 40% of the Jews in South Africa have left — many going to the relative safety of legally segregated ethno-state of Israel and supporting the genocide there.

But it’s not the same thing, they claim — no, it certainly isn’t — the White South Africans didn’t use the full force of their advanced military murder Blacks who threw rocks at them.

Jews in South Africa — and everywhere else in the world — should be used to this by now — when the Israelis wantonly kill Palestinians, Jews who support the slaughter are criticized and attacked — and even called mean names.

According to former Israeli Member of the Knesset and Education Minister, Shulamit Aloni, Zionist Jews do indeed cynically invoke the Holocaust and ‘antisemitism’ to silence their critics:

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