Traditional Media to Bully Bloggers with NewsRight?

January 11, 2012

The Associated Press and 28 news organizations, including the New York Times and The Washington Post are all getting together to launch a new company called NewsRight. The idea is track the use of their original reporting online and eventually try to make blogs and other newsgathering services, try to pay for it. But what does this mean for blogs and aggregators and how does it apply to that little thing we like to call, Fair Use? Talk radio host David Sirota weighs in.

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9 Responses to “Traditional Media to Bully Bloggers with NewsRight?”

  1. Wait 10 days until the company forms and begins using the Newright algorithm then the hackers will get copies of the algorithm and bloggers and the like can remove the embedded information. Also, it obviously works on a simple premise of every 14th letter or something like that, so simple re-write the stories in your own words and do not quote more than two sentences at a time and you will be fine. Anyway, Newsright is a failing enterprise flawed in principal in so many ways it is zero threat to anyone with any sense about them.

  2. Hey Dumbass DC NYC Media,

    Unless Hillary Clinton’s helter skelter campaign for nuclear war is stopped, all you jumped up pernicious propaganda weasels will be printing your “original content” on the walls of the caves you will be reduced to living in…

    If Hillary and Petraus don’t get your dumbasses vaporized first.

  3. Wow, that woman is beautiful, and by the way, Fuck the corporate media. HOT!

  4. Just another way to keep the zombie in line by curtailing criticism for their lies and misrepresentations.

  5. So, the MSM would like to “OWN THE TRUTH.” What a surprise! Pay em per word?
    Not only do dead dogs not hunt, they don’t bark much either! Can’t wait for the Supreme Court ruling!

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      • @Inglorious Batard…People here are starting to see right through your little game.You constantly spam the blogs on here to throw the conversations out of whack and push the bloggers comments down to the bottom.The argument you present through your copied and pasted comments is for nobody here but yourself.Your goal is not to “wake up” people on this site to what you percieve God and religion to be,but to distract people from continuing their conversations with hopes that they will make no leeway in their discussions as you contine to “throw a wrench” in the spokes.
        BTW, I’m quite cirtain that you and Ex-Christian are working together to spam this site as I’ve clearly noticed that you both continually spam in unison. Get a Life! We know you work for the government! Now go lick the boots of the masters who give you your pacheck like good NWO bitches,you pathetic traitors!

  6. They have computers to do that,some of these trolls you see are computer generated. they are using everything in their arcenal,from mind control to nano implants,they are using everything from voices to skull to make people do crazy shit like killing their families,they have many things in store even death ray,viruses,these diabolical crazy neerds whent to fucking far with holywood.this is a composition of all their diabolical ideas and minds feeling superior because they control humanity with lies.UP TO KNOW MOTHER FUCKERS. and this is not computer generated,this is from the heart. to let you know how much I hate evil and evil mind with doble meaning and dark thoughs.spread the WORD about these liars and tell everyone to wake up and smell reality and lets all together take them down. IS ALL LIES. PERIOD,they go to the university to learn how to be evil in thei fratehrneties,they never say the truth they live in a lie,and is ungraping in front of us,and they are being identified in a misterius way.

  7. Call representatives , email, ect. about the Oath of Office they all took to defend the Constitution. Do the same to all military servicemen you know or friends that have people in the military. Remind them of the Oath and how the constitution is being attacked. If enough are reminded of that Oath, then maybe the Ron Paul revolution will be brought to light and have some influence in the way the Oath takers serve their country. Country above all else is the message of the Revolution, and too many people are shirking their duty, shame on them…

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