Traditionalist Youth Hour: Orthodox Nationalism

Radio Aryan
March 19, 2016

Matthew Heimbach presents a live edition of The Traditionalist Youth Hour with Sven Longshanks as his guest.

Sven talks about his trip to Lithuania, where he took part in a Nationalist march to commemorate the country’s independence from Communism. A large portion of the participants were under thirty and wishing to be more radical, while the older Nationalists had a desire to be more populist. We see similar things happening elsewhere, with certain older Nationalists not wanting to name the Jew or criticise homosexuals. While this may be a useful tactic for long established groups or people with a large following like Trump or Front National, new groups need to be radical in order to get noticed, like National Action in Britain.

Excluding effective speakers from events for not being politically correct enough, just serves to harm our cause as the Left can then ridicule us for being divided. Matt has just been banned from Am-Ren, not from speaking there but attending, when there are far more extreme people than him around. Jared Taylor knows full well that Matt is no more of an extremist than he is and this has just been done to try and curry favour from the Jewish media who have it in for him.

But why do they have it in for him if he is not an extremist? The reason why Matt gets the criticism from them is because he sticks to his Christian principles and is not afraid to preach them. Homosexuality is wrong, it is against the natural order, against Nationalism and against Christianity. But if you say that view is a Christian one and that Nationalism is the Christian way, then the Judaised Christian establishment will be quick to try and silence you. They did this to Matt when the worldly Orthodox Church excommunicated him for simply being a Nationalist, despite the fact the Bible says the nations and their distinct homelands were created by God as separate entities. Thankfully there was a nationalist priest around who was able to support Matt and get him back into communion with his fellowship.

The pre-Christian Lithuanians had a faith based upon blood and soil, two concepts which are essential to genuine Christianity as they are a part of the original Ten Commandments and also the proverbs, that if you want the days in your land to be long and peaceful, then you need to honour your ancestors, not marry strangers and keep the land free from foreigners. The actions taken by the Lithuanians to keep their ethnicity pure and their lands free from savages, shows them to be far more Christian than the long established Christian countries that make up the rest of Europe.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with Sven Longshanks

Traditionalist Youth Hour: Orthodox Nationalism

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