Trump: EU Must Halt Invasion

US presidential candidate Donald Trump has warned that Europe will be “unrecognizable” unless there are immediate curbs on the nonwhite invasion started by Angela Merkel.

Speaking to the Times newspaper in London while on a visit to his newest golf resort in Scotland, Trump also predicted that the European Union would break up following the Brexit vote.


In addition, Trump said, Brexit will “make Britain great again,”—a direct reference to his own election slogan in the US.

Trump has campaigned on immigration controls in the US, and said that he believed that a similar anti-immigration sentiment was the “driving force” behind the “leave” victory in the UK referendum.

“I really think that without the immigration issue [the EU] wouldn’t have had a chance of breaking up . . . the people are fed up, whether it’s here or whether it’s in other countries, and you watch, other countries will follow.”

He went on to say that he “would not allow” the current mass influx into Europe, and would instead make sure that they were “allocated safe zones in north Africa instead.”

With regard to the Brexit vote, Trump added that he “loved to see people taking their country back.”

“I think there are great similarities between what happened here and my campaign. People want to see borders. They don’t necessarily want people pouring into their country that they don’t know who they are and where they come from.

“And that’s really what’s happening in the United States and other parts of the world. The people have spoken. I think the EU is going to break up,” he added.

Finally, he said, he said he would support Scottish independence in the event of another referendum after the Brexit vote.

* Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has also blamed the EU’s “refugee policy” for the Brexit vote.

* Speaking on Hungarian radio, Orban said that the nonwhite invasion was the “decisive factor in the vote by the British for a withdrawal from the European Union.

“The British were unhappy with the EU’s refugee policy. They had sought an answer to the question of how to stop the modern migration of peoples and how they might gain control of their island again,” he said.

Orban went on to say that the EU had to “respect the British decision, because every nation had the right to determine their own destiny.”

Turning to the issue at hand, Orban said that “Europe can only be strong if it can provide answers to such important questions as immigration. At the moment, the answers which the EU have given make it weaker.”

Orban added that Hungary would remain a member of the EU, “because we believe in a strong Europe.”

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