Trump Shocks Serbian President by Announcing That Serbia Will Move Its Embassy to Jerusalem

Trump had a big signing ceremony with officials from Serbia and Kosovo, and announced some news that was quite a surprise to the Serbian president Aleksander Vucic.

When Trump said that Serbia was committed to moving its embassy to Jerusalem by July, the president of Serbia was obviously unaware that this had been agreed to anywhere, and can be seen looking through the signed document with a puzzled look on his face.

This scene was deliberately edited out of most reports of the event. If you just watched the following clip, you’d have no idea anything was wrong.

President Vucic was asked about whether or not Serbia will actually be moving its embassy, and he made it clear that this is anything other than a “done deal.”

Trump invited the leaders of two countries to a meeting, tricked them into signing something about “normalizing” ties with Israel, and was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize because of it.

Trump has done HUGE things for Israel while in office, brokering deals between countries around the world, and getting Arab leaders to turn their backs on the Palestinian people in order to rake in some shekels. It is almost as if he is a blackmailed politician who is completely beholden to the tiny terrorist state. Oh yeah, that’s exactly what he is!

Remember goyim, vote for Sheldon Adelson’s GOP in November, or else you’ll get Dementia Joe and Commie Kamala.

Either way, you lose and jews win!

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