Trust the Plan? QAnon Conspiracy Theorist DeAnna Lorraine Is Having Doubts

In the wake of former president Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 election, QAnon conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine has begun to question the legitimacy of the QAnon movement and its insistence that regardless of what happens, everyone must continue to “trust the plan.”

Lorraine, who was an ardent Trump cultist from early on, used her livestream Wednesday night to voice her doubts about QAnon and the rationality of continuing to blindly trust a plan that has failed to accomplish anything or produce a single bit of evidence to prove that it is real.

Lorraine said that she would love nothing more than for the QAnon plan to be true and to see Joe Biden arrested and Trump reinstalled as president, but, she said, “we have to be realistic at the same time and look at what the reality is that’s in front of us today.”

“I, for one, I’m sick of just looking at clues and taking guesses and kind of following down a rabbit hole where it leads to nothing, and there’s just a lot of broken promises that are not delivered,” Lorraine said. “A patriot doesn’t blindly follow a plan. … We shouldn’t be blindly following anything or anyone, especially when there’s no evidence for that plan ever materializing. Every time that this plan was supposed to happen, or Trump was supposedly playing 5-D chess and supposedly setting traps or about to do this, at no point in the last four years has that trap ever been closed, has the chess move ever been checkmated by Trump. None of these hopes and ideas have ever been fulfilled. Not one. So, a smart person looks at the evidence, looks at historical evidence, looks at a track record, and doesn’t keep doing or wishing [for] something that has no evidence for it being able to materialize.”

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